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Languages taught: Chinese
Contact: +86-10-8481-6396

Go Abroad China

B-1305,  Ke Shi Plaza, No.28,  Xin Xi Road, Shangdi, Beijing, China
4.20 / 5 based on 6 reviews.
Go Abroad China is a 10-year-old organization (since 2003) devoted to fostering international understanding through cultural exchange and educational programs in China.Go Abroad China has been a leader in creating life-changing, cross-cultural experiences in China including: mandarin immersion, internship, volunteer, teach, travel, high school programs, study tours and home stays. Since 2003, more than 900 individuals have participated in GAC programs. From the moment we pick you up at the airport to the moment we drop you off for your flight home, you can rest assured that we will be there for you. We are combining Mandarin Chinese language and culture classes with extra-curricular workshops, language tutorials, social activities, interaction with native Chinese speakers, and fun events held throughout the year. Our programs are interesting, reliable and are an affordable options for total immersion into the Chinese language, culture and way of life. Our Staff at Go Abroad China is committed to giving, the best quality program, along with flawless communication. For more information feel free to contact us on, and we will be glad to assist you in planning your trip to China!

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3 5-star reviews of Go Abroad China

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Great experience in BLCU Go Abroad China
This review was found useful by 2 users 5
by John, United Kingdom
Course details: 6 weeks, 18 hours/week, shared flat, October 2017
I had the opportunity of a lifetime and got to study abroad in BLCU in Beijing China, through Go Abroad China I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but it was an overwhelming thought with all of the options of places to go, figuring out how to make it work with my university and all the little details in between. GAC helped make the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I had an advisor the whole way through who helped me make sure I was as ready as possible for my trip abroad. Once I was there, I had the most amazing 2 months of my life.

At BLCU University Classes began soon after registration and the pace of learning was definitely not what I was used to before. Back at home, sentence structures and phrases that would take me at least a month to fully master, at BLCU University it was just a week’s task. Although in the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, after a while, though, things got much better and I adjusted comfortably. One thing I am still reeling about even now is the amount of homework that the Chinese teachers assigned! Now I understand why they say at least six months of serious Mandarin/ Chinese study will lead to accelerated results. The good thing about BLCU University is that they will place you in a class of people who have a similar Chinese ability to you. Learning was fun, interactive and it’s relatively simple to feel motivated if everyone around you is also determined

I had different teachers for each aspect of Chinese study: listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive Chinese. I particularly enjoyed the speaking lessons as they were about group work and small oral presentations in a class of approximately 10 people. It was fun interacting with my classmates coming from different countries, yet all trying our best to communicate in Chinese. One important tip that was surprisingly effective for me was surrounding myself with friends whose English wasn’t so good, this was good in that we were forced to communicate in Chinese and practice everything we learnt.  

I created life long friendships, got to see the most spectacular views and most of all I got to experience a different culture and truly appreciate what they had to offer. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad!
I created life long friendships, got to see the most spectacular views and most of all I got to experience a different culture and truly appreciate what they had to offer. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad!
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The best learn Chinese program in my life Go Abroad China
This review was found useful by 4 users 5
by nick
Course details: 5 weeks, 20 hours/week, homestay, March 2013
Go Abroad China's on-site staff was incredible! They had the perfect balance with staying in touch with students, as they were neither too over-bearing, nor impossible to contact. If needed, the staff was a simple text or phone call away. Other than that, they met up with us monthly to see how we were doing and discuss our trips, classes, and plans for the remainder of our time. Although they did give us our freedom in the country, they were always looking out for us; a perfect example, I cut my finger while I showed my host family how to cook the Pasta and was taken to a Chinese clinic, so luckily that they speak perfect English and looked after while I got stitches. The Go Abroad China program was very well organized, staff was friendly and helpful and I have participated in the wide range of activities. The Go Abroad China crew continued to accompany me to check-ups for the remainder of the trip. I have mostly enjoyed the making the Chinese dumplings class and visit to the Great Wall. I studied at Beijing Language and Culture University for 1 semester; our Chinese teachers are very experienced in teaching international students. Their friendly approach to the students made me want to learn Chinese even more. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly Chinese people are and felt really safe during my stay.
Social & Cultural Integration:
I felt extremely integrated with the local culture.
Safety: I felt completely safe walking around in Beijing, day-or-night. Obviously, any place can be dangerous, so my advice to future students studying in any city in any country, would be to don't make poor decisions and use your intuition.
So many students to join this program and they also always organize so many interesting activities in this time.
Just do their best.
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The best Chinese study program in china with Go Abroad China Go Abroad China
This review was found useful by 3 users 5
by Casper
Course details: 24 weeks, 10 hours/week, homestay, February 2013
Ever since I participated in an exploratory Mandarin Chinese course in Grade 11, I had always craved the ideal opportunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture. As my university required an internship component as a graduation requirement, it seemed only reasonable to set my eyes on China as an internship destination. Only one concern remained. How would such an ambition become feasible? Luckily, there is Go Abroad China (GAC), a non-profit organization dedicated in equipping young adventurous interns in China with the expectation that they succeed and emerge as global leaders.
Naturally, the core of the internship program revolves around endeavors at the workplace. Assuming that the companies operate Anglophone environments, exposure to Chinese culture on a daily basis appears to be missing. Thanks to GAC, embedding elements of a culture pertaining to one-sixth of the world's population everyday became a reality that left me as a well-rounded and open-minded leader prepared for future challenges involving China's emergence as a world superpower.
If learning the Chinese language and customs is to occur regularly, then focusing in on the accommodation remains imperative. GAC abounds with options that enable participants to live with Chinese of all lifestyles. In my case, I managed to live with single roommates working full time, a wealthy family in Beijing's northern suburbs, and a host mother who worked professionally as a doctor. Irrespective of social status, all appreciated my effort to learn Mandarin, and they introduced me to a wide array of Beijing specialties to satisfy my appetite for Chinese cuisine. Such a set-up proved worthwhile in helping me integrate into Chinese society.
Additionally, GAC provided supplementary help in learning Mandarin my assigning me a tutor. We would meet regularly in a cafe in order to maximize the language-learning environment since I could order food in Chinese at the same time. If the student's expectations do not directly correspond to those proposed by the tutor, GAC offers flexibility in which changing a tutor would not be problematic.
Assuming that the participant takes Mandarin, resides with a Chinese-speaking host family, and has exposure to the cuisine, everything would seem to be in order. What else could still be missing? GAC fills in the last missing puzzle piece by inviting students to take part at numerous excursions and cultural workshops offered on a weekly basis. Whether it be climbing at the Ming Wall, or learning the ins and outs of a Chinese massage, participants will enthusiastically choose cultural electives that cover an extensive realm of preferences. Those passionate about history and gardening will enjoy the Summer Palace, while those who are more action-oriented will enjoy Tai Chi.
Without GAC, interns would abound with confusion in a part of the world that may initially seem unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, the help of such a reliable agency around the clock engages participants in an adventure that they will treasure for a lifetime. Remember, whatever a student puts into the experience is what he or she takes out of it, and those who take advantage of GAC will find a very rewarding experience that will remain indented in their memories beyond their stay in China.
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