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Internship Mobility - Young Talent Program

Talent Program, Ingenieurswesen, Englisch, Spanisch


Internship Mobility - Young Talent Program

We are looking for young talented and motivated university student who are graduating in Winter 2020 or Summer 2021. It's important to have in mind we are only considering students who have 3 to 4 semesters still remaining to complete.

To apply, follow the next steps:

* Be a final year student enrolled in a bachelor's degree in the fields of Transport, Renewables, Engineering, Logistics, Math with a good record of academic and extra-curricular achievement. Graduation Date: Winter 2020 or Summer 2021
* Full communication proficiency skills (written and spoken) in both English and Spanish
* Have 6 hours day availability (Part time - flexible conditions)

Steps to apply:
* Complete your application in (COMPANY NAME) Jxxx.xxm
* Complete the online tests in the next link with the next code: contrindivesic2017
* Create a video with your mobile phone, video camera, Tablet or computer and explain for 5 minutes in English the following questions about you, 1 minute for each one. Include the YouTube Link of your video at the top of your resume.
* 3.1 Introduce yourself and tell us about your passions and your hobbies.
* 3.2 Explain how do you choose your bachelor's degree and which has been the most relevant projects you've participated on?
* 3.3 What's your dream job? How do you see yourself in 5 years?
* 3.4 Have you participated in extracurricular activities at university? Have you done any volunteering or are you member of any specific organization?
* 3.5 What do you know about (COMPANY NAME)

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Datum: 13 Mär 2020
Stellenangebote: Talent Program
Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch, Spanisch
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