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Virtual Opportunity: Social Impact & Career Growth Fellowship

Von zuhause aus arbeiten  Von zuhause aus arbeiten
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There’s a new definition of success that has little to do with your title or how much you earn: enjoying the work you do every day and knowing it has a positive impact on the world. We created a 6-month, part-time career acceleration program to help you build the skills, network, and confidence to grow your career and build a better future. We believe that connecting with fellow changemakers while gaining real-world experience helps make this journey towards purpose less daunting, less uncertain, and more fun.

The Program

The MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship program is for professionals looking to find more purpose in their work and make a positive impact on their careers. 

Over the course of the 6-month program, you will gain access to:

-Personal development for self-discovery to find or reinvigorate your purpose. 
-A community of like-minded friends to support you in your journey.
-Mentorship and insights from important players in the social impact space to give an insider's perspective, as well as a leg up in future job searches and business development.
-Knowledge & frameworks that allow you to speak the language; of social impact and create long-term solutions to the world's biggest challenges.
-Hands-on experience with a real social enterprise to build your portfolio and position yourself for future opportunities in the social impact space.

Here's what you'll do in those six months:

-Virtual training weekend, where you’ll explore your personal and professional drivers, develop skills in design thinking and social entrepreneurship, and meet the other changemakers in your cohort. 
-Weekly coaching calls, monthly webinars with industry leaders, and case-based learning projects. 
-Reading and reflection assignments to deepen your understanding of social impact frameworks like human-centered design, behavioral economics, systems mapping, etc.
-Self-paced learning modules so you can learn (and revisit) concepts on design thinking, human-centered, shared value, partnership models, and 3 other frameworks that are essential tools for anyone working in social impact
-A real social impact project that builds on your strengths while challenging you to grow. (You can choose your own project or get matched to a social enterprise based on your skills!)
-At every step, you’ll have the support of coaches, mentors, and your peers to help leverage your experience and reach your career goals. In the end, you’ll have the confidence to take your career in social impact to the next level. 

The investment

While the Fellowship program itself lasts for 6 months, Fellows receive lifetime access to a global community of alumni and impact partners, plus ongoing webinars and learning activities. 

With our cohorts now virtual for the foreseeable future, we’re able to further reduce the pre-COVID tuition from $4,600 to $3,600. 

We believe strongly that everyone deserves to do work they feel great about. In these economically uncertain times, we know that the Institute is still a big investment for most -- we are actively working to make the program as accessible as possible through payment plans and partial tuition-reduction scholarships. We can absolutely work with you if cost is a limiting factor.

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We're looking for early- to mid-career professionals from across all sectors and professions who are looking for the best way to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. See our alumni page to see the amazing diversity and reach of our global network with people from over 30 countries.

If you’ve ever thought your career could be more meaningful and fulfilling and feel motivated to contribute to the greater good, we’d love to talk to you!

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