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Internship - Online-Marketing in Germany - for our Dutch store

Wuppertal, Deutschland
Praktikum, Marketing, Niederländisch, Englisch
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We would expect the intern to carry out the following tasks: 
- SEO/SEA optimization: It is absolutely critical for a company who carries out the majority of its business solely online to be as visible as possible on Google. Therefore, the intern would be expected to optimize the Dutch online shop for SEO/SEA, with the aim being that BRICOFLOR would come up on top when a customer searches for a floor in the Netherlands. The intern would also be expected to look after our Google Ad-Words website, making sure that our products contain the latest, and most searched keywords. 
- Texts: The intern will be required to write detailed product descriptions of texts, which will then be uploaded to our shop system, the program we use to run BRICOFLOR. Once uploaded, the intern will then have to oversee that the text contains the relevant and correct hyperlinks, correct prices, and that it is visible on the correct section of the website. 
- Social Media: At the moment, BRICOFLOR NL has a very weak social media presence, we would like the intern to maintain our FACEBOOK and TWITTER page, with the aim of increasing the amount of people currently using said platforms, to the point where it would become an important and integral part of the website. 
- R & D:  BRICOFLOR NL recently carried out, with great success, a detailed survey of their customer base, this involved sending out a questionnaire to past customers, and contacting customers directly to ascertain their opinions and experiences in searching for products and ordering through our website, and weather there is anything that we could improve on. We would like the intern to carry out a similar survey with our Dutch customers, with the aim of finding out if we can improve on any aspect of our website and the customer’s overall shopping experience. 

During the intern’s time at BRICOFLOR, the intern will gain a valuable insight and a firsthand experience into how a company is run in Europe. The intern will be working in a company that carries out business across nine separate countries, and will be placed in a unique position to witness how an international company operates not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level, especially one that contains a number of employees from different backgrounds and cultures. The intern will also come to learn the various operational differences that exist between our websites: how customers are dealt with and treated, how the employees are expected to treat the customers, how business is conducted in different countries i.e. tax, banking, transport, advertising, the general make up and profile of the customer base.

Ihr Profil:

Your profile: 
• Dutch is your first language 
• You speak English (fluent) or German (basic knowledge) 
• An excellent level of written Dutch is required for the commercial correspondence 
• You are familiar with Microsoft Office and Magento (optional) 
• Basic knowledge of SEO (optional) 

The intern will be required to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, and will receive a monthly payment. We would expect the intern to stay with us for a minimum of three months, with the preferred length of time being 6 months.

Quelle: Unternehmen
Datum: 13 Nov 2019
Stellenangebote: Praktikum
Bereich: Einzelhandel
Job beginnt am: So bald wie möglich
Dauer: 6 Monate
Compensation: Yes
Sprachkenntnisse: Niederländisch (muttersprache), Englisch (fliessend)
Studienbereiche: Beliebig
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