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Nuclear Trainee Chemistry and Materials

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Internship, Science/Research, English, French, Dutch

Job Description:

(COMPANY NAME) Laborelec is a leading expertise centre in electrical power technology. Drawing on the skills of 280 highly specialised engineers and technicians, the company is active on the whole electricity value chain and backs a large set of customers in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use of electricity, with a particular focus upon the energy transition.
All forms of electricity generation come within our capabilities, whether centralised or decentralised, from fossil and nuclear to renewables technologies. Directly or indirectly, we also work for a large array of other customers, including grid operators, large industries, SME's, cities, regions or residential prosumers.
With a strong focus on high value delivery for our customers, we combine expert knowledge and operational experience with state-of-the-art analysis and measurement capabilities to provide operational research and development services, specialised expertise and tailor-made global solutions. We guarantee the independence and objectivity of our solutions and recommendations.
Laborelec has a global presence, with activities in more than 60 countries and offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Chile and the UAE.
Nuclear Power Plant Materials & Chemistry
(COMPANY NAME) Laborelec's Nuclear Power Plant Materials & Chemistry department specialises in the specific materials science and chemistry issues facing nuclear power stations. Our main challenge consists in increasing the reliability and safety of these power stations, which we do by examining and avoiding accidents, by determining the residual lifetime of critical components and by optimising the chemical conditioning of the various circuits. To that end, we perform research into specific problems and accidents in the field, and we carry out longer-term studies into general problems. Besides the water treatment, nuclear wastes must be treated and conditioned in order to be accepted by authorities. All aspects concerning the optimising nuclear waste (essentially in liquid form) process and treatment are also a large part of our activities.
Your main duties will include activities related to primary and secondary system water chemistry, chemical decontamination and radiological measurements.
Your mission
As a Nuclear Trainee Chemistry & Materials:
* you will play an active role in operational support activities as well as in research activities in order to optimise the use and treatment of water at nuclear power stations;
* you will be involved in developing activities relating to radiological measurements and the decontamination of nuclear power stations;
* you will take action on-site (at (COMPANY NAME) power stations or others) in Belgium and abroad;
* you will have an opportunity to attend international seminars and working groups, at which you will meet acknowledged international experts;
* you will be working together with expert colleagues in other disciplines to tackle more complex multidisciplinary problems, and with various experts in the field;
* you will convincingly present the results of this research to local site management and to the relevant stakeholders.
You will be integrated in the (COMPANY NAME) Nuclear Traineeship, an extensive development program for young engineers with deep interest in nuclear technology. This development program will allow you to acquire strong technical and business skills.
In accordance with your affinities and talents, you will have the opportunity to subsequently move on to senior expert functions, functions focusing more on multidisciplinary aspects, project management functions, or more operational functions involving technical management aspects, either at (COMPANY NAME) Laborelec or within the (COMPANY NAME) Group.

Are you passionate about technology and find a career as an Chemistry and Materials Expert attractive ?
* do you have a degree in chemical engineering (civil or industrial) ?
* do you enjoy working in a dynamic project-management culture?
* do you have strong analytical skills, are you realistic and do you have a pragmatic approach ?
* are you are at ease interacting with personnel in the field ?
* do you speak fluent French, Dutch and English or you could bring your languages skills up to that level quickly ?
* are you are flexible and prepared to work on-site (including frequent short trips abroad) ?
* are customer-oriented, creative and capable of solving complex problems, proposing high-added-value innovative solutions ?
* do you believe in nuclear technology's contribution to an environmentally friendly, low-carbon energy mix ?
* do you prioritise safety ?
* can you work independently, are you punctual and can you handle stress ?
If so, do not hesitate to apply for this position!
(COMPANY NAME) Laborelec offers you
a competitive salary with a range of benefits
an extensive, one-year training programme in nuclear activities (integration in the (COMPANY NAME) Nuclear Trainee Program)
an exciting job where you tackle a variety of problems from the entire electricity sector both in Belgium and abroad
a tailor-made, technical specialisation programme within a young and dynamic team, where you will work with experienced colleagues who are happy to share their knowledge with you
a healthy work/life balance
a stimulating career in a top research and competence centre within (COMPANY NAME), the international energy group to which we belong
Your HR contact: Damien Colmant - dxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxm

Workplace: (COMPANY NAME) Laborelec - Rodestraat 1xx - xxx0 Linkebeek

Source: Company website
Posted on: 09 Aug 2020
Type of job: Internship
Job duration: 12 months
Languages: English, French, Dutch
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