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DCEO Intern

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China  Beijing, China
Internship, Engineering, English

Job Description:


(COMPANY NAME) Web Services (AWS) is growing rapidly, and we are looking for Data Center Engineering Operations Technician (EOTs) Interns to join our expanding Infrastructure Operations team. This committed group works to maintain the critical physical infrastructure that supports (COMPANY NAME) Web Services.

Specifically, this intern will work to ensure that the data center's mechanical, electrical and plumbing operates at 100% availability while maintaining first-class customer service to the teams and groups within the data centers.

The Data Center Engineering Operations Technician (EOT) Intern will assist with operating and maintaining all electrical, mechanical, and fire/life safety equipment within the data center. The EOT Intern serves as a technical resource to support (COMPANY NAME) within its owned and operated data centers. Data center equipment that supports mission-critical servers must maintain better than 99.999% uptime. EOT Interns are also tasked with driving innovation while reducing operational costs in the facilities. They need involve in the risk management and mitigation, corrective and preventative maintenance of critical equipment. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, stand-by diesel generators, switchgear, UPS's, PDU's, AHU's, chillers, cooling towers, chemical treatment systems, pumps, motors, VFD's, and building automation systems.

· Maintain mechanical and electrical equipment
· Assist root cause analysis of equipment failures
· Assist in troubleshooting of facility and rack-level events within internal SLA
· Ensure all safety procedures are adhered to while performing work
· Support senior employees in daily works and activities as directed
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· Be interested in data center electrical, mechanical, control system technology and operation management work;
· Understanding of basic computer/network concepts and terms
· Strong self-study capability;
· 3 working days/week as intern, last for at least 3 months;
· CET 4 or similar English level;
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· In Pursuit of a Certification or Associate's degree in mechanical/electrical engineering or similar technical/trade school program (HVAC, electrician, facilities maintenance, or similar) with a graduation date of December 2022 - June 2023.
· In pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical/electrical engineering or similar with a graduation date of December 2022 - June 2023.
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Posted on: 14 Jan 2022
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Internet / New Media
Languages: English
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