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Intern - SW Development

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China  Beijing, China
Internship, IT/Technology, English

Job Description:

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About this opportunity:

We are delighted to announce an exciting opportunity to join (COMPANY NAME) as a Developer. Within this role, you will have the chance to develop and maintain an array of products and services, spanning across components, units, nodes, networks, systems, and solutions. Your development journey in this role will range from requirement analysis, system design, architecture design, hardware design, software design, integration, simulation, tools design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) support, to creating product documentation. The role resonates profoundly with the (COMPANY NAME) Product Development Principles. Please note that stage 8 and 9 Developer-specific governance and appointment rules are encapsulated within the job role. For further reference, a detailed description of the position outlining domain-specific responsibilities and authorities can be accessed on read more

What you will do:

* Engage in CEE10 Design DGS.
* Undertake the SDI3 Upgrade.
* Proactively share knowledge and collaborate with team members.
* Design solutions using SDI3.
* Incorporate SDI3 into system integration.
* Oversee General Duties within a Cyclic Exec Environment (GDCE).

The skills you bring:

* CEE10 Design DGS.
* SDI3 Upgrade.
* Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Skills.
* SDI3 Solution Design.
* SDI3 Integration.
* Coaching and Mentoring.
* Innovation and Creativity.
* Google GCP.
* AWS Public Cloud.


Source: Company website
Posted on: 17 May 2024
Type of job: Internship
Languages: English
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