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(COMPANY NAME) Corporation Internship at the Corporate Communications Department

Internship, Culture/Humanities, English, Japanese

Job Description:

Job Description

Unit Code: 0xxxx7
Challenging Internship at (COMPANY NAME) Japan! You will get the chance to work for a global player and be a part of a dynamic team where you can gather practical and on-the-job experience with a mix of day-to-day operations and projects. Your task(s) will include:
1. General assistance with event preparations (press conference, family events, meetings etc.)
2. Creating and uploading articles in English to (COMPANY NAME) online media ((COMPANY NAME) Zünder Online, internal SNS)
3. Creating digital signage content for internal communications
4. Maintenance and distributing corporate notice (internal information sharing)
5. Maintenance of (COMPANY NAME) intranet ((COMPANY NAME) Global Net)
6. Video editing and photo editing


Required Specialized knowledge:
1. Microsoft office (excel, word, powerpoint, outlook)
2. Video & photo shooting
3. Video & photo editing (using Adobe Creative Cloud)
4. Be a communicative, proactive, tenacious and reliable team player!
Preferred language abilities:
1. Fluent English required
2. Intermediate Japanese required (Writing and reading skills preferable)
Preferred skills:
1. Web page editing skills (HTML & Cascading Style Sheets)
2. Interest in communications
Additionally, you should:
Be able to stay for a period of 6-12 months at our company
Be regularly enrolled at a university during the entire internship period
Be flexible, willing and motivated to live and work in a different culture

Additional Information

Target Internship Period: 1st March 2xxx - x0th September 2022
*We offer a very competitive monthly net allowance of 160,000 Yen on a full-time scheme. We will also provide you with all necessary documents and information for a successful Designated Activities visa application. Please note that the full visa process may take up to three months. Furthermore, applicants who intend to have an internship period for 12 months/already hold residence status in Japan will receive a monthly gross allowance.
**Japanese Nationals:
Please note that Japanese nationals do not require a visa process. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, students fulfilling this condition may begin their internship within one month of being hired.
***Exchange students
Please note that foreign nationals on a student visa with permission for part-time job (xxx9;xxx4;xxx6;xxx3;xxx5;xxx7;xxx7;) do not require a visa process. Students fulfilling these conditions will be eligible to work on a part-time scheme only. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, exchange students may begin their internship within one month of being hired.
****Non-Japanese Nationals (visa requirements):
Please note that applicants who are not Japanese nationals need to be eligible to obtain the Designated Activities Visa for an internship with (COMPANY NAME) Japan. Therefore, only students who fulfill the following conditions are eligible to apply:
A.) Enrolled student at a university at least 3 months before the internship and during the entire internship period.
B.) Doing the internship will require your university to sign a document confirming that the internship represents a mandatory or strongly recommended part of your university curriculum when applying for your visa

Source: Company website
Posted on: 25 Oct 2021
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Consumer Electronics
Job duration: 3 months
Languages: English, Japanese
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