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'21 Design Summer Internship : Digital Design (UG User)

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Korea, South  Korea, South
Internship, Arts/Creative/Design, English

Job Description:

About GM

There's never been a more exciting time to work for (COMPANY NAME).

To achieve our vision of a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion, we need people to join us who are passionate about creating safer, better and more sustainable ways for people to get around. This bold vision won't happen overnight, but just as we transformed how the world moved in the last century, we are committed to transforming how we move today and in the future.

Why Work for Us

Our culture is focused on building inclusive teams, where differences and unique perspectives are embraced so you can contribute to your fullest potential as you pursue your career. Our locations feature a variety of work environments, including open work spaces and virtual connection platforms to inspire productivity and flexible collaboration. And we are proud to support our employees volunteer interests, and make it a priority to join together in efforts that give back to our communities.

Job Description

Advanced digital 3D math development
- Understand design intention and communicate with Design team
- 3D math development based on sketch or STL data
Digital 3D math development for mass production (Class A surface development)
- Understand engineering requirements and communicate with engineers
- 3D math development based on design intention, STL data or engineering requirements
- 3D digital image creation (V-RED)
Build secondary surfaces (including B-surface) for vehicle HARD models
- Produce Full-size models / Tool design for mock-up models (Using UGNX)

xxx0;xxx5; xxx6;xxx8;xxx0; 3D math xxx0;xxx6;
- xxx6;xxx8;xxx4;xxx2; xxx2;xxx0;xxx4; xxx0;xxx4; xxx3; xxx6;xxx8;xxx4;xxx4;xxx2; xxx4;xxx6;xxx8;xxx2;xxx0;xxx6;
- xxx8;xxx2;xxx4; xxx8;xxx6; STL xxx6;xxx0;xxx2;xxx4; xxx2;xxx2;xxx4;xxx6; xxx6;xxx6;3D math xxx0;xxx6;
xxx7;xxx8; xxx6;xxx8;xxx0; 3D math xxx0;xxx6; (Class A surface xxx0;xxx6;)
- xxx4;xxx8;xxx8;xxx2;xxx3; xxx6;xxx6; xxx4;xxx7; xxx0;xxx4; xxx3; xxx4;xxx8;xxx8;xxx2;xxx2;xxx2; xxx4;xxx6;xxx8;xxx2;xxx0;xxx6;
- xxx6;xxx8;xxx4;xxx2; xxx2;xxx0; xxx8;xxx6; STL xxx6;xxx0;xxx2; xxx3; ENG xxx6;xxx6; xxx4;xxx7;xxx2; xxx2;xxx2;xxx4;xxx6; xxx6;xxx6; 3D math xxx0;xxx6;
- 3D xxx6;xxx8;xxx0; xxx0;xxx0;xxx8; xxx3;xxx7; (V-RED)
xxx8;xxx1;xxx4; Hard model xxx8;xxx9;xxx7; Secondary surface (B- Surf xxx2;xxx2;) build
- Full model xxx8;xxx9; / Mock Up model xxx8;xxx9;xxx7; xxx2;xxx6; xxx4;xxx8; (UGNX xxx4;xxx7;)

Additional Job Description

Transportation/Industrial Design, Mechanical Design
Excellent in Alias 3D Modeling skill
Visual communication using 2D sketch and 3D rendering skills (V-RED)
UGNX user (Understanding of materials for HARD models(Resin, SLA, 3D printing, etc.)
English language fluency preferred

xxx8;xxx9;/ xxx8;xxx9; xxx6;xxx8;xxx4; xxx7;xxx4;, xxx2;xxx8;xxx4;xxx8; xxx7;xxx4;
Alias 3D Modeling xxx8;xxx0; xxx4;xxx8;xxx8;
2D xxx8;xxx2;xxx4;, 3D xxx6;xxx8;xxx3; xxx8;xxx0;xxx2; xxx0;xxx7;xxx0; visual communication (V-RED)
UGNX xxx4;xxx7; xxx2;xxx3;xxx8;(Hard model xxx8;xxx9;xxx7; material (Resin, SLA, 3D print..) xxx1;xxx0; xxx4;xxx0; xxx0;xxx4;xxx0;xxx2; xxx0;xxx6;xxx8;)
xxx9;xxx2; xxx3;xxx1; xxx4;xxx8;xxx8; xxx4;xxx4;

Diversity Information

(COMPANY NAME) is committed to being a workplace that is not only free of discrimination, but one that genuinely fosters inclusion and belonging. We strongly believe that workforce diversity creates an environment in which our employees can thrive and develop better products for our customers. We understand and embrace the variety through which people gain experiences whether through professional, personal, educational, or volunteer opportunities.

We encourage interested candidates to review the key responsibilities and qualifications and apply for any positions that match your skills and capabilities

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Posted on: 10 Jun 2021
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Automotive
Languages: English
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