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Sales Trainee(On Trade /Busan)

Company not shown
Pusan, Korea, South
Internship, Sales, English

Job Description:

Position Title: Sales Trainee

Team: On Trade (xxx2;xxx8;) / Sales Dept

■Main Responsibilities

■ On Trade Stores xxx2;xxx7; (0xxx9;)

* xxx2;xxx7; xxx8;xxx9; xxx6; Outletxxx2; xxx0;/xxx6;xxx2;/xxx0;xxx6; Target xxx4;xxx7;xxx2; xxx8;xxx0; xxx9;xxx8; xxx6;xxx1;

* xxx8;xxx8; xxx4;xxx0;xxx6; xxx6;xxx4; xxx3; xxx8;xxx8; xxx7;xxx6; / xxx8;xxx8;xxx0; xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx9; xxx3; xxx1;xxx2;

* xxx4;xxx0;xxx6;xxx2;xxx2; xxx8;xxx8;xxx6;xxx9; xxx3; xxx5;xxx7;xxx2; xxx5;xxx0; xxx2;xxx4;xxx0; & xxx8;xxx8;xxx2; xxx8;xxx9;xxx1;xxx4; xxx8;xxx2;

* xxx2;xxx4;xxx0; xxx7;xxx6;xxx0; xxx4;xxx0; xxx1;xxx2; xxx3; xxx2;xxx6;xxx4;xxx6; xxx8;xxx5; xxx2;xxx5; (xxx2;xxx8;xxx9;xxx2;)

* xxx6;xxx8;xxx2;xxx6; xxx3; xxx6;xxx1;xxx4;xxx2; Qualityxxx0;xxx6; xxx1;xxx1;xxx2; xxx5;xxx4;xxx6; Volume xxx9;xxx2;

* xxx2;xxx4;xxx0; xxx3; xxx8;xxx8;xxx8;xxx2;xxx4; xxx8;xxx0; xxx6;xxx4; xxx4; xxx9;xxx4;(xxx2;xxx6; xxx4;xxx0;xxx6; xxx8;xxx8; xxx2;xxx2;xxx0; xxx8;xxx2;)

■ Required Skills / Competencies:

- 2xxx3; xxx2;xxx5;xxx0;xxx5;xxx2; xxx8;xxx4;xxx2;xxx8; xxx8;xxx8; xxx3; xxx8;xxx4; xxx2;xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx6;

- xxx2;xxx7; Areaxxx0; xxx4;xxx0; Managing Skillxxx0; xxx2;xxx2;xxx2;xxx8;

- Communication skill xxx4;xxx8;xxx8;

- xxx2;xxx9;xxx6; xxx1;xxx5;xxx0; xxx6;xxx0;xxx8;

- xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx3; xxx8;xxx2;xxx2; xxx3;xxx0;xxx8;

- xxx8;xxx4;xxx0; xxx0;xxx5; xxx8;xxx7; xxx3; xxx8;xxx4; xxx1;xxx1; 1xxx0; xxx0;xxx6;xxx0;xxx8; xxx6;

- xxx7;xxx2;xxx2;, xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx3; xxx9;xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx0; xxx6;xxx1;xxx0; xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx4;xxx4;xxx8;xxx8;xxx1;xxx0; xxx2;xxx2;xxx2; xxx6;

- MS Office xxx6;xxx7; xxx3; xxx2;xxx8; xxx9;xxx2;xxx4;xxx8; xxx2;xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx6;

- (COMPANY NAME) xxx2;xxx4;xxx0;xxx0; xxx4;xxx0; xxx8;xxx0;xxx0; xxx8;xxx4;xxx8;, Company Cultural Fitxxx0; xxx1;xxx3;xxx6;xxx8; xxx6;

■ xxx0;xxx4;xxx2;xxx8;:

- xxx0;xxx4;xxx5;xxx8;: 1xxx0; xxx8;xxx7;xxx9; (xxx1;xxx8;xxx9; xxx4;xxx2; :High Performance result or Internal Vacancy xxx6;xxx3;xxx4;)

- xxx0;xxx4;xxx4;xxx6; : On Trade 13:00 - 22:00

- xxx3;xxx2;xxx0;xxx3; : 4xxx4;xxx2;xxx4; xxx3; xxx0;xxx4;xxx2;xxx4; xxx2;xxx7;, xxx2;xxx6;xxx8;xxx3;xxx0;xxx2;, xxx3;xxx3; xxx1;xxx2;xxx8;, xxx8;xxx7;xxx8;xxx6;, xxx7;xxx4;xxx4;xxx9; xxx8;xxx6; xxx1

Source: Company website
Posted on: 14 Feb 2020
Type of job: Internship
Job duration: 0 months
Languages: English
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in 137 countries
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