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Machine learning/Artificial intelligence developer at early stage startup

OneSecondDelivery sarl
Lausanne, Switzerland
Internship, IT/Technology, English
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Job Description:

-Lausanne, Switzerland 
-starts in February 2019
-paid internship

***About the company***

We are a young startup that delivers food, snacks and other goods with autonomous drones. The company was founded in 2017 by a leading expert on drone legislation and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. 

We believe that autonomous delivery vehicles like self-driving cars and drones will have a huge impact on the way we buy things. 

People love to buy things online already, but if the delivery were free, and 10 times faster, people would like it even more. Thatís why we are developing our autonomous delivery drones. 

In this internship you get to play an important part in a very promising startup. We would love it if the internship goes well and we can offer you a full time job at the end of it. 

***About the internship***

You will develop the Neural nets Required for Autonomous drone navigation to the customers. You will work on 3 different neural networks: 
- One network that localizes the customer
-One network that controls the drone during the delivery process
-One network that detects obstacles in the path of the drone
For the first network there is a dataset available, it is a traditional classification problem. For the other two you will train the network in a simulator. We have a 3d game developer who is creating a simulated environment where your neural network can learn to navigate a drone. Either through reinforcement learning, evolutionary algorithms or other methods. 
As mentioned previously, this internship could lead to a full time position. 

***Starting Date, Location & Compensation***

Your internship will start in February 2019, and it will end 6 or 12 months later. The exact start and end date can be negotiated. The internship takes place in our office in Lausanne, Switzerland. You will receive a compensation of CHF 1500.-- / month. 

***Apply now***

Please send your application package including your CV, a cover letter and any other relevant information.

Candidate Requirements:

-You have a good understanding of the fundamentals of machine learning and neural networks. Itís not the fancy tools and tricks that matter, itís the fundamentals that are important. 

-You are excited about this project and machine learning in general: The internship will involve a lot of trial and error, and difficult problems. Thatís why we need someone who is excited about the project, someone who can do self directed research and experimentation.

-Experience with a software tool like tensorflow, caffe or similar

-Some understanding of traditional computer programming is helpful

Source: Company
Posted on: 23 Nov 2018
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Retail
Job starts on: 01 Feb 2019
Compensation: 1300Ä/month
Languages: English (fluent)
Study areas: Any
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