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Campus Ambassador

Internship, Education/Teaching, English

Job Description:

An ambassador package is an opportunity for students who’ll represent our company to the general public. An ambassador is in charge of bringing an inflow of Stormers, (Student learners from middle school and high school), Normans, (Senior student tutors specializing in Computer Science and Mathematics Subjects) and other ambassadors where you will earn for every hour your student/tutor learn/teach on our platform.

Rewards and Incentives:
Monetary benefits based on the generation and/or qualifying of leads
Revenue sharing- Ambassadors get paid between 80 cents to 1 dollar for every hour of session your tutors teach and your students learn. Revenue sharing will continue for every student and tutor you bring in for a time span of 3 years.

Candidate Requirements:

1.Acquiring potential Stormers- Find leads that result in signing up of Stormers who are keen on learning Computer Science and Mathematics.
2.Acquiring potential Normans- Find leads that result in signing up of Normans according to company criteria. 
3.Acquiring potential ambassadors- Find leads on potential new ambassadors who can represent the company furthermore. 
4.Social media outreach- To promote Creative Storm on ideal social media platforms. Eg: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc to maximise outreach and company view.   
5.General marketing- To promote Creative Storm services through general marketing methods for bringing in Stormers, Normans, other ambassadors and to improve company view. 
6.Email outreach- Send out Emails to their collected contacts to help reach the target audience and to follow-up.
7.Events- Conduct regional events for mass general outreach.

Source: Company
Posted on: 29 Oct 2021
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Education
Job starts: As soon as possible
Job duration: 6 months
Compensation: Performance Based
Languages: English (intermediate)
Study areas: Any
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