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Talent & Culture Coordinator

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United Arab Emirates  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Internship, Culture/Humanities, English

Job Description:

We are Heartists®

"Heartist©" describes both our culture and who we are. Everything we do comes from the heart, and we're experts in what we do. Generous, attentive, and free, we ensure that everyone can come as they are, and feel like they belong. As one big team, we know that only together can we do amazing things!

We believe that the world is more welcoming when we're connected. So that we see what we have in common, instead of what sets us apart.

Life in Adagio
Stay, Live, Enjoy!
We create memories for our guests and fellow Heartists® offering personalized experiences with a Glocalized urban touch. We discover together and are flexible to our guest's discerning needs.

The Role:
* Under the general guidance and supervision of the Talent & Culture Manager, and within the limits of established (COMPANY NAME) polices & procedures, is responsible for coordinating the various functions including administrative procedures, recruitment, liaison with departments and overall coordination of Talent & Culture activities in the hotel to achieve highest levels of Heartist engagement.
* Maintaining and producing reports of key data and reports at all times
* Executes the hotel's Talent Development strategy by planning Company and hotel training programs and the recruiting of non-management roles in the hotel.
* Coordinating the administrative support to the Human Resources team in accordance with the Hotel's standard and procedures and to ensure that staffing needs are met in a timely manner, from placing ads to interviewing and hiring.
* Is responsible for engagement activities, welfare, Heartists' areas and accommodation coordination.
Key Deliverables and Responsibilities:

Planning & Organizing
* Maintains and ensures confidentiality within the department.
* Plan and manage Heartist events (Heartist Days, Birthdays, celebrations, etc.).
* Responsible for lockers, issue and control of keys, check locker rooms and produce report.
* Responsible for accommodation, issue and control keys, check accommodations and manage Heartist requests.
* Prepare and manage the welcome kit for team members.
* Assist and manage the Heartist social and welfare activities.
* Acts as a Sustainability Champion for T&C department.
* Manage the Digital learning of team members on INES.
* Manages all notice boards and digital communication with the teams.

* Respond to all applications and maintain the Talent Bank for potential future candidates.
* To schedule interviews coordinating multiple calendars in outlook.
* To conduct reference checks using the standard format.
* Update candidates regarding their application status.
* Accurately prepare and send contracts to candidates, along with the required paperwork (eg Code of Conduct, Grooming Policy and Benefits Summary)
* Follows up on all job offers, ensuring acceptance and declined offers are clearly communicated to the relevant parties
* Communicates with new arrivals to ensure all paperwork required for visas is collected and sent to the visa clerk for processing in a timely manner.
* Coordinates, book and confirm flights for new arrivals, leaves and other events.
* Conducts basic induction, orientation of Heartists, develops further to conduct brand sessions.
* Responsible for Visas, documentation, leaves management, work permit, passport validity and generic follow ups of key employee documentation.
* Liaises with Security & PR Manager for all employment government documentation.
* Able to provide quick and timely responses, immediate communication and maintain strong business relationship with all Heartists.
* Is available for Heartists for grievances and requests.
* Is responsible for coordinating on Health and Safety of team members.
* Maintains relations with external stakeholders (hotel schools, recruitment agencies, etc.).
* Carries out the Heartist Engagement annual survey with the T&C Manager.
* Assists with Internship or training program and ensuring that all Interns are receiving the necessary support and guidance during their industrial exposure training.
* Respects and applies the hotel and brand's guidelines & policies.
* Performs other assignments as assigned by superior(s).

* Provides administrative support to the Talent Culture Manager.
* Maintains a database related to annual vacation, flight bookings, utility payments, furniture allowance, internal applications.
* Creates Employee Files and file all employee related documents correctly and efficiently on an ongoing basis.
* Generates monthly Human Resources, Learning & Development and Recruitment reports on a monthly basis.
* Prepares letters for employees as requested (eg bank letters, staff offer letters).
* Prepares training certificates for every employee that attends and completes a training course.
* Monitors and update the manning guide on a daily basis and track staff arrivals and start dates
* Updates T&C system in timely manner.
* Administration of Heartist Café with departments and suppliers along with maintaining of records.
* Liaises for all medical checks, insurance administration and vaccinations etc. for the team.
* Manages the attendance system and produces monthly payroll and other related reports.
* Manages Dashboards, statistics and all key data for analysis and proactive actions.
* Is responsible for submitting all reports at pre-decided time intervals
* Ensures all correspondence going out from department is typed, proof read and distributed to the highest standards.
* Maintains T&C and Learning records for anytime ready reference.
* Is responsible for all reports, plans and key coordination of data with Regional T&C Team.

Generic Aspects on Hygiene / Personal Safety / Environment/Confidentiality:
* Ensure proper care of all equipment and furniture entrusted for Heartists use.
* Be well-familiar with the hotel's policies and procedures, well-acquainted with the physical layout of the hotel and its premises and knowledgeable of the hotel's emergency procedures in regard to fire, medical, bomb threat, black-out and evacuation.
* Knows the safety regulations and ensures their application & ensures the safety of people and property in the hotel.
* Respects and ensures respect of the hotel's commitments to the "Environment Charter" of Planet 21 program (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc).
* Understands and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the Employees Handbook and the Hotel's policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
* Ensure that confidential records and other confidential information are properly safeguarded and are not removed from the office.
* Does not disclose any financial information or any other information of the (COMPANY NAME) Hotels.

Our Values:

Our values are our common language, they drive us every day. Embodied in and flowing through our Heartist program, a symbol of our identity and culture, these values are the bedrock that binds us to the Group. They perpetuate and spread -beyond professions, persons, countries and cultures- the sense of hospitality and service, our strength and nourishment of the Group's success worldwide.

Guest Passion
We obsess over our customers. Our guests are the driver of our decisions and our actions. We put them first, we care for them. We go the extra mile for them. We enjoy doing it.
Sustainable Performance
We believe that hospitality has the power to unlock a better tomorrow. We act for good to support & empower the communities in which we live and protect the planet that you visit.

We are connected with the world, and to others. We enjoy the mix of cultures. We are proud of our differences. We put you first and we value you, whoever you are. We care for the planet.

Spirit of Conquest
Our guests are globetrotters, and so are we. We want to be where they want to be. We explore, we initiate, and we develop. We are ambitious for our guests. We make the impossible possible, we have fun doing it.
Hospitality is a team sport, and we're stronger when we trust and support each other. We believe in natural kindness, respect our differences and value all voices. We work as one team, to say what we do, and do what we say.

We dare to challenge the status quo. We embrace innovation and challenge ourselves to do things better and faster. We take risks, dream the impossible and make it possible

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Posted on: 15 Nov 2021
Type of job: Internship
Industry: Tourism / Hotel management
Languages: English
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