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Robotics Controls Engineer

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United States  Berkeley, United States
Internship, Engineering, English

Job Description:

As a Robotics Controls Engineer, you will join our engineering team and focus on the locomotion and sensing for the next generation of tensegrity robots. You will develop control policies for dynamic tensegrity locomotion, with emphasis for creating and testing energy-efficient robust controllers that work in a variety of difficult terrain (e.g., inclined slopes, uneven surface, etc.) under uncertainty and sensor noise. Other priorities include intelligent state estimation, path planning, and experience with perception (e.g., cameras). You will likely also perform some software development, light mechanical design, and manufacturing work as appropriate. You will work closely with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to ensure that your solutions are rolled out in the next generation of our platform.


* Bachelor's or Master's degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with a focus in Controls, or equivalent experience

* Familiar with model-based optimal control (i.e., model predictive control) and state estimation

* Proficient with Python/MATLAB

* Working knowledge of Linux, and Git.

* Basic mechanical skills (e.g., basic CAD, 3D printing, hand tools)

Preferred Experience:

* Past experience working with ROS and robotics is a plus

* Tensorflow (or equivalent) and machine learning experience is a plus

* Familiar with model-based optimal control (i.e., model predictive control) and state estimation

* Past experience with embedded systems is a plus

Special Requirments:

* Past project experience with model predictive control

* Machine learning experience (deep reinforcement learning is a plus) skills

How to Apply:

Please send email to jxxx@xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx.xxm with your resume and portfolio. Subject line should be in the format: Internship Application - [position] (e.g., Application - Mechanical Engineer)

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Posted on: 18 Mar 2023
Type of job: Internship
Languages: English
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