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Primary Care Physician

Medical/Health Care, English
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Job Description:

Are you frustrated with the increasing administrative burdens in health care today? Are you tired of spending your day entering data into your electronic health record instead of taking care of patients? Are you fed up with spending your time on pre-authorizations and other forms? Do you find yourself spending 2-3 hours after patient appointments, finishing your EHR notes, reviewing and authorizing refill requests, signing consults and other documents, and calling patients back about their requests? If so, come and work with a practice where family physicians spend their time being physicians, rather than data-entry clerks.

At Family Medicine at Greenhill, we believe that every health professional should work to the top of their license. That means physicians should diagnose problems and treat patients, and not be bogged down with administrative hassles. At FMAG, each physician has a scribe to enter data into the EHR while the physician talks to the patient. Each physician has a chronic care management nurse to address patients' questions and concerns and to deal with refill and other requests. And each physician has a clerical staff to complete pre-authorizations and other forms.

If you are ready to restore the joy in practice as a family physician, come and talk to us.

We have flexible schedules and compensation plans to meet varying needs, including part-time options

Source: Company website
Posted on: 15 Jun 2019
Languages: English
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