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Gerente de  Retail Marketing

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Mexico City, Mexico
Marketing, English
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Job Description:

Position Summary
1. Maximize sell-outs by working with the dealers on store level.
2. Strengthen profit-based upselling of premium products by optimizing SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) for each store.
3. Minimize faulty products and obsolete inventory through store's inventory management.

Role and Responsibilities

1. [Project management] Plan the timeline for the collaborative tasks for retailers, subsidiaries and HQ.
2. [Retailer engagement] Analyze store sales data to identify low performing KPIs(Key Performance Index) of the retailers and participate in the proposal of collaboration to retailers.
3. [Retail mapping] Carry out retail mapping to select the stores with the highest growth potential with retailers to achieve the maximum return on investment.
4. [SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) optimization] Analyze to determine the most suitable products to display in stores based on retail mapping and the sales characteristics of each store.
5. [Store inventory management (stockout, obsolete inventory management)] Analyze to determine the most suitable products to display in stores based on retail mapping and the properties of each store.

Skills and Qualifications

* Profesional con experiencia con total conocimiento de las áreas especializadas, resuelve una amplia gama de cuestiones de forma creativa.
* Trabaja con problemas de diversa índole en los que es necesario que el análisis de datos evalúe los factores identificables. Demuestra un buen juicio a la hora de seleccionar métodos y técnicas para obtener soluciones.
* Normalmente, recibe muy pocas instrucciones en el día a día y recibe instrucciones generales para las tareas nuevas.
* Mínimo de 5 años de experiencia relacionada y un grado universitario, o 3 años y un máster, o un doctorado y sin experiencia.

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Source: Company website
Posted on: 16 May 2019
Languages: English
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