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Personal Assistant

Daniel Spurman
Russia  Moscow, Russia
Administrative, English

Job Description:

Whom do we search for?

1. Personal Assistant that has managed beforehand some Manager or CEO.  If you don’t have experience with that, you should show based on yourself, that you can manage and optimize business & personal life on a consistent basis
2. Preferably background in general online work or e-commerce
3. Experience in optimizing a person's life with all the workflows, habits & routines. For example: Making sure everything happens on schedule, tracking cold showers, meditating, emotional state, self-talk habits, research on psychology. Track data and see optimizing chances.
4. Fix things on the laptop, able to schedule important or casual meetings, doing Instagram stories & posts, texting with the dropshipping community, maintaining LinkedIn, Twitter profile.
5. Helping to shoot videos for youtube, handling legal company data & applying to payment processors, doing research & being up to date on business topics such as internet security, ecommerce, facebook ads, youtube, instagram, twitter, personal brand, online coaching, going viral
6. Organize food to eat, organize trips, organize housing, organize a maid, doing research on travel opportunities
7. Constantly improving, persistent, consistent, supportive, able to listen and relate, being able to adapt & solve every problem that needs to be solved
8. Strong written and oral communication in english (C1 or higher). 
9. Using or being able to learn modern technologies like Trello, 10. GoogleSuits, Shopify, Slack, Toptracker, TikTik etc.

Candidate Requirements:

What can we offer you?
1.  Remote work, however if you would like the position can be done in person, as you could travel with me. We will stay in a 2 bedroom airbnb where we work from the living room or in case that doesn’t work take a coworking space. Travel plans are to Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Bali so you get the freedom to work from many international places
2. Learn and grow with your task and CEO
3. Spend freetime together going to restaurants, seeing the city or other interesting activities such as bowling, fitness, going to the beach, clubbing etc.
4. The possibility of obtaining higher compensation after working 1 year with me
5. A full time position
6. Living & Transportation are covered
7. Bonus point if you want to learn from me about Crypto, Investing, International Laws, Digital Nomadism, Economics, Biohacking, Persuasion, NLP, Mass Communication, Philosophy 
What do we value?

Those 7 attributes are the most important ones for our work culture!
How to apply?

Please apply with the Hashtag #apply at the end of the CV so we know you have read the full description!
We do neither appreciate half completed applications nor standard messages, because we choose carefully with whom we work.

Include your results from the 16personalities.com test,  and your professional social media profiles in the application! 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

Source: Company
Posted on: 19 Jul 2021
Industry: Consumer Goods
Job starts: As soon as possible
Languages: English (fluent)
Study areas: Any
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