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Barcelona, Spain
Supply Chain/Logistics, English
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Job Description:

We are looking for a DevOps who will be joining our technical team.

Main Responsibilities:

Architecture definition, technology selection, management of non-functional requirements, architecture collaboration, software architecture delivery, coaching and mentoring.

Your Role:

* Lead and make the transformation from our current architecture and infrastructure to a Twelve-Factor app running on the Amazon cloud.

* Define and drive end-to-end agile DevOps based software development life cycle with automation in mind.

* Establish software architecture patterns with consistent HA, scale, security, monitoring, and configuration of Amazon AWS services.

* Provide software architecture guidance and design patterns for PaaS and distributed system services development following the Twelve-Factor app methodology.

* Work with the development teams, providing coaching and training, to drive automation, establish software standards, service modularity, code reuse, testing, deployment, and repeatable processes for managing changes and upgrades.

* Optimise our non-production environments (development, test, integration and pre-prod) with focus on agility and team productivity.

* Assist in the product definition providing your technical vision and help us work our way towards Continuous Delivery.



* Experience with agile SDLC tools and processes are required: SCM, CI/CD pipeline automation, virtual dev/test environments, and deployment automation.

* Experience with large scale distributed systems and service oriented architectures with focus on modular automation,

* Experience with container computing (e.g: Docker), and developing modern PaaS platforms.

* Hands on experience with Ansible

* Experience in developing REST based web services and managing large-scale API end points.

* Experience with private/public cloud ecosystems, and SaaS applications.

* High experience in Amazon Web Service with best practices


* Gets actively involved with people on projects

* Prepared to work in an evolutionary (iterative and incremental) manner

* Understands the whole story and owns the big picture.

* Software generalizing specialist mindset (Jack of all trades, master of some).

Personal and Additional Skills

* Able to work in dynamic, fast-moving environment.

* Ability to coordinate, plan and manage complexe technical solutions.

* Ability to work with minimal supervision.

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Source: Company website
Posted on: 15 Jul 2019
Job duration: 0 months
Languages: English
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