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Backend Engineer, Product

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London, United Kingdom
Engineering, English

Job Description:

At (COMPANY NAME) we're aiming to build the best current account in the world. We are always keen to hear from capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish that goal xxxx0;

(COMPANY NAME) works in project-based sprints in small, interdisciplinary teams
We have about 200 engineers out of almost 600 core staff - and we're still growing. There are many interesting challenges ahead, and we're happy for people to move between teams or to specialise, whatever you prefer. As an engineer here you'd be able to work directly with anyone across the company, and we run regular knowledge-sharing sessions so you'll learn heaps about everything from how banks work to effective communication.
Our backend engineers have a variety of different backgrounds
We have several non-graduates; only some of us studied Computer Science; one of the team has a degree in Marketing; some of us have worked in huge companies; some have only ever worked in startups; others are former consultants. As long as you enjoy learning new things, we'd love to talk to you.
Diversity and inclusion are a priority for us at (COMPANY NAME) - if we want to solve problems for people around the world, our team has to represent our customers. So we need to attract the best talent in the world, and create an environment that supports and includes them. You can read more about diversity and inclusion on our blog.
We encourage an open and transparent working environment
You can get involved in any aspect of the business you are interested in. All emails in the company are visible in an email archive (following Stripe's example) and all teams work in public Slack channels. We contribute to open source software as much as possible. We've also made our product roadmap public and give sneak peeks of features in our community forum. Our blog is a good place to learn even more about what we do!
At (COMPANY NAME) you'll get to work with a lot of exciting new technology.
We rely heavily on the following tools and technologies:
* Go to write our application code (there's an excellent interactive Go tutorial here)
* Cassandra for most persistent data storage
* Kafka for our asynchronous message queue
* Envoy Proxy for RPC
* Kubernetes and Docker to schedule and run our services (Oliver, our VP Architecture, gave a great talk at KubeCon on how we use these technologies)
* React for internal web dashboards
* AWS for most of our infrastructure (we also have some physical datacenter sites with actual cables to connect to various third parties)
You should apply if:
* you think you'd enjoy the kind of work we're doing
* you want to be involved in building a product that you (and the people you know) use every day
* you have a product mindset: you care about customer outcomes and you want to make data-informed decisions
* you're comfortable working in a team that deals with ambiguity
* you're interested in distributed systems and writing resilient software
* you have some experience with strongly-typed languages (Go, Java, C, Scala etc.).
Our product squads are truly cross-functional.
This role is all about collaborating across disciplines to test hypotheses and make a difference to customers. As a product backend engineer you'll work in a squad alongside product managers, marketers, user researchers, designers, mobile engineers, web engineers, data analysts, business analysts, writers and more!
Together you'll build and support a particular part of (COMPANY NAME). Our product squads belong to one of three collectives (a word we use to describe self-governing business units of ~100 people). They are: Growth & Core, Borrowing, and Operations. They're all looking for additional Backend Engineers right now.
The Growth & Core collective helps people to discover (COMPANY NAME) and make the most of it.
Growth & Core is one of our largest collectives, with about seven squads focused on different aspects of our mission to 'make money work for everyone'. They make users effortlessly financially savvy with features like Budgeting, Pots and the Salary Sorter. Many of the customer problems they solve are revenue opportunities, too - like (COMPANY NAME) Plus, Business Banking, and the Savings marketplace. Last year they also launched our Open Banking APIs, shipped a simpler and more future-proof navigation structure, and enabled (COMPANY NAME) customers to get their salary paid a day early for free! xxxx7;
The Borrowing collective makes borrowing money simple, fair and transparent.
We're really proud that this fair approach to lending helps people to get what they want from life on their own terms. Squads in Borrowing have already shipped and scaled overdrafts to hundreds of thousands of (COMPANY NAME) customers. They've made it easy to take out a loan without the unfair fees or confusing pricing that you find elsewhere. They work on everything from the way borrowing works in the app, right down to how they move and account for money that our customers borrow. One of the most interesting problems they face is deciding how much to lend and to whom. The team believes that they can make access to credit fairer and more transparent.
The Operations collective is responsible for our incredible customer support.
The Operations collective looks after one of the most interesting problem spaces at (COMPANY NAME): as we grow, we want to ensure that we're using technology as effectively as possible whilst still maintaining customer service so good that you want to tell your friends. Our engineers within this area of the business help us to explore these challenges. Central to it all is (COMPANY NAME) Chat - a completely bespoke bit of software we've built from the ground up to manage chats in our app - but we're also doing work with machine learning, and looking at how technology can more broadly support our wonderful support team (we call them COps) in other aspects.
We can help you relocate to London, we can sponsor visas, and we're open to distributed working (as long as you can spend around 20% of your time in London).
We have payroll set up in five countries: the UK, Ireland, France, Poland and Spain. Right now, we can only hire people who work from those countries and we'll keep this updated with new ones as we expand and are able to hire from more places xxxx8;
We offer stock options and competitive salaries based on skills and experience, which could be anywhere from £40,000 to £140,000 per year.
We care deeply about inclusive working practices and diverse teams. If you'd prefer to work part-time or as a job-share, we'll try our best to make this happen. Just let us know in your application so we can plan for it.
Interview Process
Our interview process is normally a phone interview, a coding task and call to discuss it, and 2-3 hours of onsite interviews. We promise not to ask you any brain teasers or trick questions. We might design a system together on a whiteboard, the same way we often work together, but we won't make you write code on one.
Please note: we get lots of successful applications for Backend Engineer, so it can take a couple of weeks to get through our application process. If you're invited to interview and you have any immediate time pressures, please let us know, as we'll always do our best to speed things up for you xxxx2;
Questions about this role? Head over to our careers page to read our FAQs (wxx.xxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxs)

Source: Company website
Posted on: 22 Jan 2020
Job duration: 0 months
Languages: English
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