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[L'Oreal Korea] 2021 Winter Internship

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 Seoul, Corea del Sur
Prácticas, Gestión, Inglés

Descripción del puesto:

Looking for an internship where you have freedom to go beyond?

1. L'Oreal Korea Internship

L'Oreal Korea Internship offers you an opportunity to have a real-life experience of the function by executing one's own project and cooperating with business team.
By joining the internship journey, you will have an ownership of a project that really affects business, experience the corporate culture based on creativity and innovation and build strong network with colleagues.
You will have a chance to be hired as Management Trainee after your internship according to evaluation.

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2. Internship Type
- 2 months internship (2xxx.xx-xxxx.x2)
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3. Recruiting Functions
- Communication
- Sales
- E-Commerce
- Finance
- HR
- R&I

4. Job Requirements
- Undergraduates & Graduates
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5. Recruitment Process

a) 90 seconds self-introduction video
- xxx4;xxx0;xxx4; xxx5;xxx4; application formxxx4; 90xxx8; xxx8;xxx2;xxx8;xxx0; xxx1;xxx9;xxx5; URL xxx8;xxx6;
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b) Offline Interview
- xxx8;xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx7;xxx8; xxx3;xxx1;xxx8;xxx0; xxx0;xxx4; xxx0;xxx0;xxx8;xxx6; xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx6; xxx6;xxx1;
- xxx6;xxx6;xxx8; 19 xxx5;xxx9;xxx0; xxx4;xxx2; xxx8;xxx2;xxx4;xxx4;xxx6; xxx4;xxx4; xxx2;xxx3;

c) Talent Audition
- xxx8;xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx7;xxx8; xxx3;xxx1;xxx8;xxx0; xxx0;xxx4; xxx0;xxx0;xxx8;xxx6; xxx4;xxx0; xxx4;xxx6; xxx6;xxx1;
- xxx6;xxx6;xxx8; 19 xxx5;xxx9;xxx0; xxx4;xxx2; xxx8;xxx2;xxx4;xxx4;xxx6; xxx4;xxx4; xxx2;xxx3;

d) On-Board
- 2021/1/4(xxx0;) xxx7;xxx4; xxx6;xxx1;

6.Recruitment Timeline
-Application Deadline : October 5th, 2020 (~18:00)
-1st round result announcement: Second week of October
-Offline Interview: Third week of October
-Talent Audition: First week of November
-Final Announcement: Second week of November

Timeline can be adjusted later on and detailed information will be shared separately to those who've passed the round

Origen: Web de la compañía
Publicado: 20 Oct 2020
Tipo de oferta: Prácticas
Duración: 2 meses
Idiomas: Inglés
46.392 empleos y prácticas
en 117 países
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