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Product Manager, Technical - Data Business Unit

Entreprise non montrée
 Sao Paulo, Brésil
Informatique/Technologie, Anglais

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Tackling the complex banking system to empower people in one of the most bureaucratic markets in the world seems like a crazy idea, right? But that's why, how, and where (COMPANY NAME) was born. We fight complexity through our transparent and straightforward products and experiences: a no-fee credit card, a rewards program, a lending platform, and a digital savings account. In a nutshell, we are the most innovative tech company in Latin America, and we are obsessed with building financial services and products that make our customers love us fanatically. With over 23 million customers and $820 million raised in investment rounds, we are the fastest growing digital bank in the world, with offices in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Argentina. And it's still only Day One for us!
Product Manager, Technical for Data BU

Scaling our product to millions of customers involves an enormous amount of work behind the scenes. Since the beginning, the (COMPANY NAME) product team has always prioritized "building for the long term" for our customers, a principle that extends to our horizontal (or platform) teams that build and operate (COMPANY NAME)'s infrastructure, which supports cross-functional teams across the company.
The success of these teams depends on our Product Managers driving our broader product strategy as well as the needs of multiple product teams across the organisation into a coherent roadmap focused on scaling our capabilities and systems, unlocking business potential or mitigating risks. Those products involve everything from our core cloud architecture, data infrastructure, finance / controllership / risk / security platforms, testing and experimentation infrastructure, to customer service tools and other internal products.
Inside our Data Business Unit, we have 2 different opportunities to work as a Product Manager:
* Product Manager, Analytics Productivity team
All of our exponential growth has always been supported by consistent data-based decision making. In fact, this is one of the pillars of our company, together with technology, great product UX, and quality customer support. It is very important for us that all our employees have access to reliable and quality data and are able to use it on their day to day; that's why we have built a data platform to handle our analytical environment, for all Nubankers to make better decisions by using data. In this self-service platform, users have created over 33K datasets, and currently over 250TB of data is being handled there. In order to help (COMPANY NAME) to scale its data platform, by deeply understanding its users, adding highly curated data and building essential cross-team indicators, we are looking for a Product Manager to work on our Data Business Unit in Brazil, supporting our Analytics Productivity team.
The Product Manager of the Analytics Productivity team will work along with data engineers, software engineers, data scientists and other roles to democratize and enhance the access to data at our company. In particular, this role will deeply understand the needs of users of the data platform, focusing on potential core datasets that could be used for multiple teams. In addition, this Product Manager will be responsible to design and implement an outstanding experience for our internal users when creating and using datasets, helping (COMPANY NAME) to make better and stronger product decisions based on high quality data. More insights about the work and value that Analytics Productivity adds to our organization, can be found in this article.
* Product Manager, Data Protection team

As our organization grows in number of customers, types of products offered and geographies, the amount of data handled by (COMPANY NAME) also rapidly increases. Protecting the privacy of this data, by understanding local data privacy regulations and deep diving on the data needs of final customers and internal users, is the goal of the Data Protection squad on our Data Business Unit.
The Product Manager of the Data Protection team will work along with data engineers, software engineers, data scientists and other roles, to solve data privacy challenges. This, by bringing together the voice of customers and internal users, with regulatory requirements and technical constraints, in order to create efficient mechanisms for data classification, segregation and access management. This person will also lead other efforts to improve data governance at the company, and ensure we're compliant with the latest data protection regulations. Finally, this Product Manager will be a key actor for evangelizing Nubankers about data privacy and data protection matters, partnering with other business units for them to understand best practices and guidelines on data handling, and helping (COMPANY NAME) to grow as a Privacy by Design organization.
Product Manager for the Data BU responsibilities:
* Define, prioritize, and communicate short and long term product goals
* Develop a deep understanding of users and stakeholders by conducting research, data analysis, and interviews
* Discover, specify and refine requirements-from conception to launch- for our internal Data products, working closely with engineering (and depending on the domain, design, and analysis)
* Stay up to date on new global technologies related to Data, and help the team understand where the company and the market is going
* Facilitate the team organization and structure
* Be an evangelist for the area, relentless communicating to stakeholders and helping the team bridge gaps in understanding between the team and the rest of the company
* Own relationship with important stakeholders across (COMPANY NAME)
You will be successful if you:
* Think like and empathize with stakeholders - talk to different internal customers, influence and engage diverse teams across (COMPANY NAME)
* Have an ownership approach to get things done - have an ownership mentality, get the best out of everyone on the team, be proactive and energetic about keeping things moving
* Communicate effectively - in different formats and to different audiences, and in particular in clearly articulating priorities and objectives in complex domains
* Think structurally / systems thinkers - seek clarity: think structurally to help teams break down problems, understand blockers and bottlenecks, and balance short and long-term priorities
* Intellectually curious / always learning and growing - improving after failing, always engaged across multiple domains and functions, prioritize learning as much as possible as early as possible for yourself and your teams
* Humility and respect for other roles, skill sets, background and experiences, and ways of thinking and communicating
* Have experience in Product-oriented companies that operated with a high volume of Data
* Have experience on Data-related domain - Knowledge in analytics, and/or data governance is preferred
* Health, dental and life insurances
* Meal allowance
* Transportation assistance
* 30 days of paid vacation
* Chance of earning equity at (COMPANY NAME)
* Parking partnership - discounted parking in our office
* Free bike parking with showers available
* NuCare - Our mental health and wellness assistance program
* NuLanguage - Our language learning program
* Gympass partnership
* Extended maternity and paternity Leaves
* Child care allowance
* 'Espaço Feijão'- Private nursing and breastfeeding spaces in our buildings
* Onsite Health Center - Medical support for every Nubanker in our office
Diversity and Inclusion

We want to build products and experiences for everyone who wants to take back control over their finances, that's why we build strong and diverse teams that rise up to the challenge. We are a team of the most creative people in technology, and we hire under equal opportunity, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or background. We are proud to say that 30% of our team recognize themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and 40% of our team identify as women, in all positions and seniority levels. We are a very process-light organization that values human interactions, and that is a very important part of our culture. At Nu, everyone has the opportunity to speak up and participate, grow and share ideas.
*(COMPANY NAME) continues to hire for all open roles, all interviewing and onboarding are done virtually due to COVID-19. Everyone new to the team and our current staff will temporarily work from home until it is safe to return to our offices

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Publié: 03 Oct 2020
Langues: Anglais
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