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E-Commerce Sales Management (Consumer Healthcare) - Sales Trainee, China Shangha

Entreprise non montrée
Chine  Shanghai, Chine
Stage, Ventes, Anglais

Description du poste:

Start date: July 2021
Assessment centre dates: May-June 2021
Application deadline: May 2x,xxx1. We recommend you apply as soon as possible, because we accept ongoing applications.

* xxx6;xxx2;(COMPANY NAME)xxx0;xxx3;xxx5;xxx1;xxx7;xxx0;xxx2;xxx7;xxx0;xxx4;xxx6;xxx7;xxx6;xxx4;xxx1;xxx7;xxx2;xxx4;xxx3;xxx3;xxx4;xxx6;xxx6;xxx2;xxx7;xxx2;xxx5;xxx0;xxx2;xxx7;xxx0;xxx5;xxx0;xxx2;xxx7;xxx1;xxx0;
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Get to grips with our recruitment process
You'll find hints, tips and guidance on our recruitment process on our website - https://bxx.xx/xxxxxxw
We recommend you apply as soon as possible, because we accept ongoing applications and offer positions on a first come, first served basis.
We have changed the way we recruit in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can learn more about how our business and recruitment practices have adapted here:

Apply now by May 2x,xxx1>


We're 100% open to all talent

We're 100% open to all talent - whatever your gender, marital status, religion, age, colour, race, sexual orientation, nationality or disability. We want to recruit the right people for (COMPANY NAME) from the widest possible backgrounds, so we can better serve the diversity of our patients and consumers. And also because it's the right thing to do.
You can learn more about Inclusion and diversity at (COMPANY NAME) here:

Need help with your application?

Please email us at wx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxm and let us know how we can help you. Or email us your number and we'll call you back. We'll make all reasonable modifications to support you throughout the recruitment process and we'll treat all information you give us in confidence. Please get in touch to help us process your application as soon as possible.

Our goal is to be one of the world's most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies. We believe that we all bring something unique to (COMPANY NAME) and when we combine our knowledge, experiences and styles together, the impact is incredible. Come join our adventure at (COMPANY NAME) where you will be inspired to do your best work for our patients and consumers. A place where you can be you, feel good and keep growing.

Important notice to Employment businesses/ Agencies

(COMPANY NAME) does not accept referrals from employment businesses and/or employment agencies in respect of the vacancies posted on this site. All employment businesses/agencies are required to contact (COMPANY NAME)'s commercial and general procurement/human resources department to obtain prior written authorization before referring any candidates to (COMPANY NAME). The obtaining of prior written authorization is a condition precedent to any agreement (verbal or written) between the employment business/ agency and (COMPANY NAME). In the absence of such written authorization being obtained any actions undertaken by the employment business/agency shall be deemed to have been performed without the consent or contractual agreement of (COMPANY NAME). (COMPANY NAME) shall therefore not be liable for any fees arising from such actions or any fees arising from any referrals by employment businesses/agencies in respect of the vacancies posted on this site.

(COMPANY NAME)xxx7;xxx6;xxx2;xxx1;xxx2;xxx0;xxx1;xxx2; @gxx.xxm xxx8;xxx2;xxx0;xxx8;xxx5;xxx2;xxx4;xxx2;xxx5;xxx0;xxx9;xxx4;xxx0;xxx0;xxx9;xxx9;xxx8;xxx6;xxx9;xxx8;(COMPANY NAME)xxx2;xxx1;xxx4;xxx4;xxx7;xxx0;xxx1;xxx4;xxx2;xxx9;xxx9;xxx9;xxx0;xxx4;xxx9;xxx7;xxx0;xxx8;xxx4;xxx2;xxx5;xxx4;xxx4;xxx8;xxx4;xxx1;xxx7;xxx7;xxx4;xxx4;xxx0;xxx8;xxx5;xxx0;xxx6;xxx2;xxx2;xxx0;xxx0;xxx8;xxx7;xxx0;xxx9;xxx4;xxx1;xxx0;xxx0;xxx4;xxx2;xxx0;xxx0;xxx0;xxx8;xxx4;xxx9;xxx2;xxx9;xxx8;(COMPANY NAME)xxx2;xxx1;xxx4;xxx0;xxx7;cxx.xxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxmxxx2;xxx5;xxx5;xxx4;xxx0

Origine: Site web de l'entreprise
Publié: 20 Avr 2021
Type de poste: Stage
Secteur: Santé
Langues: Anglais
89.725 emplois et stages
dans 140 pays