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Digital Marketing & Sales Internship

Barcelone, Espagne
Stage, Marketing, Anglais
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Description du poste:

We are a mission driven company that aims to make a social impact and to motivate people to rediscover the power of natural ingredients and its benefits on their health. To help us with this mission, we are looking for a passionate
student, who wants to play an integral part in building an international brand focused on sustainability, ethics and the highest quality in organic skincare.

This is an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneur minded individual, who loves to innovate and to bring his or her own ideas into the project. You will learn how to grow a company internationally on a small budget thanks to the use of a variety of online tools that range from website design, graphic design, video editing, online marketing, analytics and logistics.

This internship will allow you to acquire hands on skills that are essential for any career in marketing, business or entrepreneurship.


LE PURE is currently the only organic brand on the market, whose emulsions do not include chemically modified substances such as Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric triglyceride, Glycerin, Xantham Gum, etc. These substances create a plastic like layer on the skin, but does not nourish the deeper layers.

We only use physical production processes such as cold pressing and maceration to preserve the utmost amount of active plant nutrients. Thanks to this unique formulation, our creams have the highest lipid content (essential fatty acids/cold pressed vegetable oils) and the lowest water content on the market. Our creams penetrate instantly into the deeper layers of the skin and regenerate from within. 

100% pure botanical, edible, high performance superfood for the skin without any unnecessary fillers. Our absolute concentration of nutrients and our 45 years of formula and phytotherapy research are the secret behind what makes LE PURE the most effective organic skincare on the market.

We are a small and independent company that has taken on the challenge to create an international brand in one of the world’s most competitive sectors - cosmetics and beauty. However, we strongly believe that quality, passion, creativity and transparency are values that allow us to compete with multinationals and to create a community of consumers that demand effective yet environmentally sustainable and ethic alternatives.


- Create a content plan and following its execution from brainstorming to publishing and promotion
- Structure content ideas, assisting with writing and translating articles
- Assist with the planning and execution of videos for the website
- Identify relevant sales leads and create relevant content to get in touch
- Plan and execute an online and offline program of international training courses
- Evaluate of online tools and integration in the work flow
- Research and application of SEO strategies
- Ongoing analysis and development of growth hacking strategies
- Assist with customer service, processing and logistics
- Assist with the preparation of client orders including invoicing and sendout
- Manage client requests and emails
- Support the planning and execution of product presentations, events and courses

Profil requis du candidat:

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated person who becomes an integral part of the team.
- EU national
- Entrepreneurial minded with great initiative
- Good technical understanding
- Strong writing and editing skills
- Detail oriented, structured and reliable
- High level of English, French or German Native desired. Fluent Spanish is not required.
- Experience with Graphic Design and Video Production is also a plus.
- Full-time starting in January, min. duration 6 months
- Earlier start is possible


- Assist the founder and marketing director in all aspects of establishing an international brand
- Work with a world class scientist and understand how to translate her vision to today’s modern consumers
- Learn how to successfully employ growth hacking strategies and to build the digital capital of a new company
- Gain experience in transforming content into engaging videos on a low budget
- Develop a good understanding how to grow a company and what skills are needed to be an entrepreneur
- Employ your language skills (English, German, French, Italian) and improve your Spanish
- Become an expert on skincare, nutrition and health in general.


Remuneration is 200 € / month remuneration and there is a bonus of 200 € / month, if the intern is puntual, detail-oriented and shows good performance with the assigned tasks.

- We will provide you with the world’s best skincare products for your personal use and a world class skincare expert will teach you how to treat your skin. 

- If you do this internship to gain university credit, we will collaborate to provide you with all the necessary paperwork needed.

- As a EU citizen you can apply for an Erasmus or Leonardo Da Vinci scholarship.

Origine: Entreprise
Publié: 07 Dec 2019
Type de poste: Stage
Secteur: Biens de Luxe
Début d'emploi: 07 Janv 2020
Durée d'emploi: 6 mois
Compensation: 400
Langues: Anglais (avancé)
Études demandées: Anthropologie, Archéologie, Art, Arts de Scène, Astronomie / Astrophysique, Beaux-arts (Peinture - Sculpture - Gravure), Biochimie, Biologie, Biotechnologie, Chimie, Cinématographie, Communication et Sciences de l'Information, Comptabilité, Design (Mode - Graphique - Industriel - Web), Documentation / Archives, Gestion Financière, Gestion d'entreprise, Histoire, Histoire de l'Art, Humanités, Hôtellerie - Restauration / Hôtels, Infirmerie - Sage-femme - Physiothérapie, Journalisme, Langues étrangères, Linguistique, Littérature, Management, Marketing et Gestion de Ventes, Microbiologie, Musique et Musicologie, Musées / Conservation, Médecine, Médecine - Vétérinaire, Nutrition, Odontologie, Pharmacie, Philologie, Philosophie, Photographie, Physique, Physique Nucléaire et des Hautes Énergies, Psychiatrie et Psychologie Clinique, Psychologie de l'Éducation, Psychologie et Sciences du Comportement, Radio / TV, Relations Industrielles et Gestion du Personnel, Relations Internationales, Relations Publiques / Publicité, Religion / Théologie, Santé Publique, Sciences Naturelles, Sciences Politiques, Sciences Sociales, Sciences de l'Éducation / Éducation Comparative, Sciences de la Mer / Océanographie, Sciences de la Médecine, Secrétariat, Secteur Bancaire, Sociologie, Technologie de la Médecine, Thérapie Physique, Tourisme, Traduction / Interprétation, Travail Social, Économie, Écriture, Éducation, Éducation - Adultes, Éducation - Formation Professionelle et Technique, Éducation - Formation de Professeurs, Éducation - Primaire, Éducation - Secondaire, Éducation - Spéciale, Études Bibliotécaires, Études Européennes, Études du Développement, Études Éthniques et Culturelles
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