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Spark Secretary

Spark Languages
Cadiz, Espagne
Stage, Administration, Anglais, Espagnol
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Description du poste:

Spark Secretary: Job Purpose

* To assist the Director of Studies and the General Manager with any administration and logistics linked to the running of the language courses.

* To act as a Sparkville responsible on assigned days, carrying out evening checks and dealing with situations that come up.

* To be the main logistics support for the Spark chaperone whenever there is a School Group.

* To attend the reception, the phone line and chat room on the web to attend, answer queries, promote sales and deal with issues.

* To carry out an assigned project in agreement with the Director of Studies.

* To teach any assigned TEFL (English) or ELE (Spanish) classes if applicable

General Overview of Position

This position’s primary function is to support the administrative side of the Language Academy, usually as an assistant position for the Director of Studies and involves different administrative tasks and the usage of databases and computer programmes, as well as attending students and customers (in Spanish as well as English / other languages), answering queries they might have, taking payments, helping out with meal times in the case of a school group and generally attending them well and with a smile. This also may involve teaching English classes to children and teenagers, giving you a huge opportunity to engage in language learning whilst learning about effective time management. However, as we are small intimate team, this position, like all Spark staff, is also involved directly in other areas as well as helping out in the many daily tasks that come up in a dynamic small company. Also depending on the time of year, the intern will have an important role with our school group, often acting as assistant chaperone as required. Normally Spark will have 2 interns at one time.

For more information please read the full job profile online at the website provided.

What type of company is Spark?

Spark is a young dynamic company dedicated to the field of education.  Our principal business areas are Spanish and English teaching.  Everyone at Spark in a year-round position is a current or past teacher, meaning we genuinely believe in our selling slogan “your learning, our passion“.  Our team are young with our eldest members in their mid 30s and the medium age being mid 20s.  We are full of energy and see challenges as hurdles to be overcome rather than something to hold us up.  For our industry, we are quite tech savvy and are committed to making the most of modern technology, especially in areas of client attention and sales.  We are also a hard working team who genuinely strive to produce a great experience for our students.  Having founded Spark in the midst of an international economic crisis, we are also well aware that it is dedication, teamwork and most of all passion for what we do which is needed to carry us onwards and upwards.

What type of person are we looking for?

This position is most suitable for a person who is interested in developing many different personal and professional skills, somebody who isn’t afraid of dedicating time and energy to students in order to help them with whatever issue they have and make them feel appreciative of our services, somebody who would like to further develop their Spanish language skills and who has a genuine passions to develop professionally and become part of a dedicated and passionate team. The candidate should also have an interest in language learning and ideally speak good English and Spanish who wants to work in an international environment.  They must be someone who takes pride in their work and have a real ambition to be good at what they do.  Also to fit into our ethics, they should be someone who can be passionate about their work and gets a genuine buzz from triumphing in their tasks.  We are looking for people to take the company forward rather than maintain where it is so, definitely the person must be someone who isn’t afraid of hard work.

In short, the ideal candidate for us is someone young and full of energy, with untapped potential (we’re good at spotting it ☺) and is looking for a job that tests them but also one they can be passionate about.

Job Outline/ Job Tasks

* Assist the Director of Educational Programmes (DPE) with any admin or logistical tasks related to the running of language courses. 
* Be the first port of call for clients and represent the company in a positive way.
* To help attend the main phone line and online chat room, answering any queries from possible students, agents and publishers and directing them to or sending them the relevant information.
* Attend reception when needed and deal with any admin work related to reception work or the daily functioning of both academies, including photocopying.
* Teaching English to young children- planning lessons, being creative and helping them pass their exams. 
* Help out with departures and arrivals of our youngest students in the afternoons. 
* Support the Spark chaperone in various logistical tasks when we have a school group, including helping out with meal times, arrival of the group, preparation of the facilities and admin related tasks.
* Handle payments for both departments, add details to our database and communicate issues or changes to the DPE.
* Work on the creation and updating of assigned manuals.
* Updating and creating information packs, including: excursions, welcome packs for students, information packs for agents etc. 
* Admin tasks related to contracts, staff payments and cover teachers. 
* Meet regularly with the Director of Studies to report on progress, issues and seek help as needed.

* Help out with the arrival of the group;
* Help out with the admin side of the School Group programme, including processing enrolment forms, data introduction, welcome packs made and processing of other relevant data;
* Coordinate and Communicate with any suppliers and host families as assigned in case of need. 
* Help out with meal times: receiving and checking meals and diets, setting up eating areas, helping when serving the food, being the main person to clean up after meal times and tidying things away.
* Do any grocery shopping as needed.
* Help out with any activity or excursion as assigned, taking on a leading and responsible role.
* In case of emergencies help out with any tasks as assigned. 

* Spark has its own residence and this position includes staying in the residence (usually a shared room) as a residence responsible, which involves the following responsibilities:
* On several days the candidate will be the assigned residence responsible, being there to make sure all goes well, deal with any issues and supervise student conduct. This includes:
* Making sure noise levels are kept to a minimum for those sleeping, especially after midnight in both the residence and on the roof.
* Deal with any issues that might arise.
* Be responsible for locking all doors, turning off lights and air-conditioning units at a set time and ushering students to move to elsewhere after a certain time.
* Attend the emergency mobile phone in case of emergencies or students who have been locked out.
* Be an example to all students and other staff members when it comes to respecting others’ possessions, sleeping times and space as well as tidying up after oneself.
* Deal with any issues at any time they come up in the residence, be it maintenance, student conduct or student complaints. 
* Be on call on a rotation basis, both in the evening and in the morning and deal with any issues that arise in Sparkville after office hours.
* When on call, open all doors in the morning and / or lock relevant doors in the evening, turn off air conditioners and lights when not being used and ensure students respect areas and quiet hours in the evening. 
* Carry out check ins and check outs of students arriving and departing at the weekend, giving them a tour of facilities and a quick introduction of what is going to happen that week.
* If needed help the Spark cleaner with tasks as assigned, including getting bedrooms ready, cleaning specific areas or rooms and taking out any garbage as needed.

For more information please read the full job profile online at the website provided.

Profil requis du candidat:

Any candidate must have the right to reside in Spain. Usually this will be via having 1st or 2nd nationality form EU country. 
This position is really designed for students coming with an EU grant via an university (or similar) agreement. Spark is open to receiving applications from students who don’t have this but they must fit into 1. and must understand the position only has intern conditions (small allowance + accommodation).

Preferred experience of secretary like work but not required if candidate has a good knowledge of computers, modern computer programmes and good interpersonal skills. 
Experience of working alone and being responsible for completing important tasks with limited support or supervision.
Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels and responsibilities can at times be very high.
Applicants with any background in marketing, phone sales or IT work will also be looked upon favourably.
Experience working with students under 18.
Any teaching experience is looked upon favourably but an upbeat personality and experience with minors is still acceptable.

A-Level or Higher qualifications or another nation’s equivalent.  Applicants with relevant admin qualifications will be looked upon favourably.
Any qualifications in Spanish looked upon favourably. Especially when looking for someone to work more closely with our school groups we will ask for an intermediate level of spanish but this is not required for all intern positions.
TEFL qualification or training

A positive attitude towards the job and the ability to respond positively to challenges and workload. 
Good interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively and professionally with clients;
Knowledge of Microsoft Office package and preferred experience of using databases.
Knowledge of basic web design and Word Press preferred.
Teaching skills.
High energy levels and a young but responsible and mature outlook on life and work.
Intermediate level of Spanish and English in all skill areas and good knowledge of the customs and culture of Spanish people preferred.
Applicants who are used to working on their own on set objective based tasks will be seen favourably.

Origine: Entreprise
Publié: 28 Août 2019
Type de poste: Stage
Secteur: Éducation
Début d'emploi: 20 Sept 2019
Compensation: €200 / month, free lodging, option of bonuses
Langues: Anglais (intermediaire), Espagnol (conversation)
Études demandées: Tout type de formation
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