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Neubiberg, Germany
Organisation: Entreprise
Secteur: Télécommunications
Employés: 10000+
Fondée en: 1999
Site corporatif
Informations entreprise

Infineon is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer.

Infineon Technologies AG is at the forefront of the semiconductor industry, specializing in the development, manufacture, and marketing of a broad range of semiconductors and related products. Founded in 1999 after spinning off from Siemens AG, Infineon has established its headquarters in Neubiberg, Germany. As of the latest updates, Infineon employs over 50,000 people across multiple countries, underscoring its significant global footprint and critical role in the semiconductor sector.

Financially, Infineon has demonstrated robust performance with annual revenues surpassing billions of euros, reflecting its strong market position and demand for its products which are integral to automotive, industrial power control, power management, and chip card & security applications. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is a member of the DAX stock market index, indicating its prominence in the European economic landscape.

Stages et emplois chez Infineon
Infineon | Munich | Stage, Informatique, Anglais
“That's why you probably use our products every day: smartphone, charger, electric toothbrush, coffee machine, ...
Infineon | Munich | Stage, Création, Anglais
“Then apply and make life easier, safer and greener with us! We are looking forward to your application! ...
Infineon | Graz | Stage, Industrie, Anglais
“The development center in Graz manages contactless, security and sensor technologies. ...
Infineon | Singapore | Stage, Ingénierie, Anglais
“In your new role you will: * Define the end-in-mind requirement to analyze and detect top equipment performan...
Infineon | Munich | Stage, Recherche, Anglais
“You feel home in sharing your digital knowledge? Then this position is a great opportunity for you! ...
Infineon | Singapore | Stage, Ingénierie, Anglais
“In your new role you will: * Act as project office to support project implementation and assists the project ...
Infineon | Singapore | Stage, Ingénierie, Anglais
“Generate and disseminate ideas from brain storming sessions across the factory site and clusters In your new r...
Infineon | shenzhen | Stage, Ingénierie, Anglais
“* Perform radar application sensing related tests including radar data recordings under different scenes ...
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