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Research Associate organic chemistry (PhD Level)

Azienda non indicata
Tolosa, Francia
Scienza/Ricerca, Inglese, Francese

Descrizione del lavoro:

Research Associate organic chemistry (PhD Level) - temporary contract 18 months

For our site in Toulouse, France, we are looking for a highly motivated PhD qualified organic chemist.
Within the Chemistry Department, you will work in collaboration with clients to progress drug discovery projects; you must therefore be capable of performing multi-step syntheses to produce intermediates or final bioactive molecules on small to medium scales.

* Design and execute multi-step reactions to achieve agreed objectives with high levels of independence and productivity
* Contribute to the design, execution and interpretation of experiments in a project team to accomplish project goals
* Adapt scientific knowledge to resolve research problems encountered in achieving defined goals with assistance from line manager or other team members to meet internal and project deadlines
* Integrate and analyse structure-activity relationships to improve in-vitro, ADME, PK and in-vivo parameters
* Gather and diffuse pertinent news from the scientific literature in organic chemistry and around your individual research area
* Interpret NMR, LC-MS analytical data as well as results obtained from additional techniques (IR, Elemental analysis etc) for the structural elucidation of reaction products
* Present own work at project technical meetings, and department technical meetings when required
* Report with precision all technical manipulations and results in an appropriate electronic notebook
* Write and contribute to publications and patents where possible
* Apply existing working methods as well as safety rules in your laboratory
* Participate actively to the scientific life of (COMPANY NAME) France

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
* Dynamic personality with passion for innovation and problem-solving and a willingness to apply core areas of knowledge to new areas of interest to (COMPANY NAME) and its clients
* Excellent leadership, communication, collaboration and team-working skills
* Successful track record in organic chemistry, as demonstrated through publications
* Fluency in written and spoken English and French

Education and Experience:
* PhD or equivalent degree in Organic Chemistry with post-doctoral experience
* Some knowledge of medicinal chemistry would be advantageous
* Experience with automatic purification equipment, HPLC (analytical or preparative), microwave reactors, parallel synthesis would be advantageous

Provenienza: Web dell'azienda
Pubblicato il: 24 Gen 2020
Durata di lavoro: 18 mesi
Lingue: Inglese, Francese
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