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Mixed-Signal ASIC Design Engineer

Azienda non indicata
 Reutlingen, Germania
Ingegneria, Inglese, Tedesco

Descrizione del lavoro:

Job Description

* Create something new: Development of high performance analog interface circuits (inclusive ADC/DAC) for mixed signal SoC ASICs in automotive sensor modules (low noise frontends for ultra sound sensors, frontends for inertial sensors with very low offset drift or high speed frontends for radar applications)
* Observe, and think ahead: Support of layout and series test program development
* Take responsibility: Development and assessment of innovative signal evaluation and processing concepts with focus on leading edge realization
* Integrated implementation: Design and verification of high performance amplifiers, analog filters, ADCs, DACs and dedicated support circuits
* Reliable implementation: Creation of reference models of full signal path with Matlab/Simulink and/or VerilogA
* Experience cooperation: Definition of requirements in close collaboration with customer
* Conscientious coordination: Sample validation, assessment of characterization and qualification results


* Education: completed university degree (Masters/Diploma/Ph.D.) in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science or comparable qualification
* Personality: team-oriented, independent
* Working Practice: responsible, focused
* Experience and Knowledge: hands-on experience in IC design, especially in design of low noise amplifier/converter circuits, deep knowledge of semiconductor processes and solid state devices, experience with state-of-the-art EDA software tools for circuit entry, simulation, layout and design flow, hands-on experience with Matlab/Simulink
* Languages: good competencies in spoken and written English and German

Additional Information

Need support during your application?
Lorena Häfner (Human Resources)
+4x xxxx xxxxx9
Need further information about the job?
Marco Neuscheler (Functional Department)
+4x xxxx xxxxx1

Job Location

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Pubblicato il: 23 Gui 2020
Lingue: Inglese, Tedesco
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