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Engineering Manager Development Teams

Azienda non indicata
 Madrid, Spagna
Ingegneria, Inglese

Descrizione del lavoro:

Job Description

* To develop high performing multidisciplinary teams that deliver value continuously and maximises it in the long term.
* To help engineers with their career development to achieve their maximum potential as fast as possible, while keeping their contribution at the highest level.
* You will be the line manager for up to 3 teams (~15 engineers) doing 1o1s, dev talks, performance reviews, hiring, holidays, etc.
* You will act as a Servant Leader helping teams being self-sufficient (solving conflicts, managing dependencies, achieving business goals, improving continuously, increasing performance, etc.)
* You will ensure that teams keep a healthy balance between short term delivery and long term sustainability aligned with product (ex: keep technical debt under control, ensuring that teams react on health metrics, etc).
* You will foster a feedback culture based on Radical Candor creating a psychologically safe environment.
* You will need to be up to date with the industry technical standards.
* You will be a gatekeeper of the agile development framework inside teams ensuring the discipline end2end aligned with the guidance of our Agile Coaches.
* You will not make technical decisions, we don't expect you to be the strongest technician. Those decisions will be made by senior individual contributors instead.


* People management: Assertiveness, empathy, influence, fairness, honesty, humbleness and win for team fail for the manager.
* Extensive written and oral communication.
* Agile frameworks, lean startup, scrum, kanban, OKR, etc
* Leadership: influencer, change driver, people & org developer, strategic thinker
* Technical skills: Be familiar with the concepts of accelerate metrics and capabilities, testing, AWS, distributed systems, SOLID, java, kotlin, reactjs, microservices, kafka, etc.

Additional Information

* Trabajar con los mejores profesionales en una empresa referente y que apuesta por la innovación.
* Oficinas en Nuevos Ministerios (ahora 100% remoto)
* Flexibilidad horaria y jornada intensiva los viernes.
* Jornada intensiva durante los meses de verano y semana santa.
* Plan de retribución flexible.
* Seguro Médico y dental.
* Subvención en la mensualidad del gimnasio.
* Parking subvencionado.
* Formación continua (workshops o meetups internos).
* 5 días al ańo para asistir a conferencias y una de ellas pagadas.
* Laboratorios una vez al mes para aprender algo nuevo que te interese.
* Portátil MacbookPro o Dell & Movil iPhone8 o Samsung S9.

Job Location

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Pubblicato il: 19 Set 2020
Lingue: Inglese
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