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Internship Electrical Engineering

Azienda non indicata
 Tienen, Belgio
Stage, Ingegneria, Inglese, Olandese, Tedesco

Descrizione del lavoro:

Job Description

The goal of the project is implementing a condition monitoring system which able to detect/ locate Partial Discharge activity in High Voltage cables and paint leaks which drives the system to earthing faults and unwanted standstill of the production in an electrostatic painting system . You will be working with an open-minded maintenance team which able to speak several languages. Communicate with suppliers of the paintwork shop, crosscheck the quality of the material in working environment. Measure parameters which may affect the dielectric strength of the insulating materials in paint booth.


To cover this role, Master's degree in electrical engineering needed. If you have basic knowledge about High Voltage Engineering, mechanism of the partial discharge and its detection, you're able to effectuate simple electrical measures ( as measuring insulation resistance, analyzing data from oscilloscope etc. …) and are familiar with working principle of electrostatic painting: you are the one who will get this project done.
Beside of technical knowledge, an excellent communication skills and an advanced English (written, spoken, oral) are also expected. Knowledge of Dutch and German is a plus. Being a team-worker and autonomous is also an appreciated personal skills from us.
The internship requires that you have the nationality of a EU-country or that you are taking part in the Erasmus- or Leonardo program.

Additional Information

We have open positions. Duration: 6 months
The personal experience of the interns is usually the following: The company employs 10-15 interns all year round from various countries. Therefore this is also a great opportunity to enhance your social and language skills. The interns live mostly in Tienen or in Leuven, known as a multicultural university city.
You become 700 EUR net as expense reimbursement per month.

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Pubblicato il: 06 Mar 2020
Tipo di impiego: Stage
Durata di lavoro: 6 mesi
Lingue: Inglese, Olandese, Tedesco
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