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Zagreb, Croazia
Stage, Traduzione/Redazione, Inglese, Croato
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Descrizione del lavoro:

The purpose of this job role is to secure that our customers and co-workers have a native experience across all of the aspects of our service and to ensure all content and communication for the market aligns with the company's criteria and guidelines. We run a climate in which our interns are informed, engaged and empowered.

The internship consists of: 
-being responsible for converting written material from one or more 'source languages' into the 'target language', making sure that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible
-proofreading of different kinds of content, consolidating and providing linguistic feedback to the colleagues
-proofreading and editing final translated versions and retain and develop knowledge on specialist areas of translation, there is a high accent on knowledge of biomedical science, hence, the ease with software for statistical analysis and Academic English is essential
-translating and/or editing User interface, communication, PR, Web, social media and marketing materials for urgent and special requests; incl. research search engine optimisation keywords
-working closely with the content creation concerned in the local office to create web: sales, communication and social media content that is more appealing to customers by providing input from a linguistic perspective

Requisiti del candidato:

MA graduate, from UK university, native level of Croatian,
experience in translations of texts from biomedical sciences

Provenienza: Azienda
Pubblicato il: 13 Set 2019
Tipo di impiego: Stage
Settore: Educazione
Inizio lavoro: Inmediato
Durata di lavoro: 12 mesi
Compensation: needs to be eligible for Erasmus internship fundin
Lingue: Inglese (corrente), Croato (madrelingua)
Aree di studio: Filologia, Letteratura, Lingue, Linguistica, Traduzione - interpretariato
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