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Stage-opdracht - HBO - Informatica. Chaos Monkey in distributed service system

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 Hengelo, Paesi Bassi
Stage, Ingegneria, Inglese

Descrizione del lavoro:

In fast changing markets, customers worldwide rely on (COMPANY NAME). (COMPANY NAME) is a business where brilliant people from all over the world come together to share ideas and inspire each other. In aerospace, transportation, defence, security and space, our achitects design innovative solutions that make our tomorrow's possible.

Soort opdracht: Stage-opdracht
Niveau: HBO
Studierichting(en): Informatica/Computer Science

Titel van de opdracht:
Chaos Monkey in distributed service system

About us
With 80.000 talents working in 68 countries, we are one of the biggest high-tech employers in the field of safety and security. In the Netherlands, where 2000 employees are based, we are located in four cities: Huizen, Delft, Eindhoven and Hengelo (HQ). Together with an extensive ecosystem of knowledge partners, customers and suppliers, we work on radars for naval vessels, cyber security solutions, transportation systems, communication equipment for land forces, cryogenic cooling solutions, research & development for radar tech (in collaboration with TU Delft).

The software department of the Application Engineering cluster is responsible for the software development in Combat Management and Radar- and Optical sensors for worldwide navies- and defense systems. The work is performed in multi-disciplinary agile teams with specialists in software/system/test engineering and functional design.

About the assignment
Resilience is often overlooked in a distributed services system. Especially, the problems related to the "Fallacies of distributed computing" which were not present in the monolith application are neglected.
NetFlix introduced (and implemented) there Chaos Monkey to introduce failures in their production environment to get a robust system. To get to an infallible system, we want a Chaos Monkey in our service oriented architecture.

In practice, application developers create components that offer and use services of other components. The component code is created from a Domain Specific Language (DSL) and is running in so-called containers. The idea is now run-time a tester can deploy components that offer chaos in these containers. It shall be possible to combine multiple of these chaos services.
A group of students from the University Twente created a prototype for this. It needs to be converted in a usable test product. Also the chaos services need to be written for the Celix framework. Finally, it needs to be extended to allow automated chaos testing.

Expected outcome: A usable chaos test tool that maybe can be open-sourced

OSGi (Apache Celix is used as OSGi service implementation)
C Programming

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Pubblicato il: 21 Apr 2020
Tipo di impiego: Stage
Lingue: Inglese
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