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develop a Drone Charging System at an early stage drone startup (paid)

OneSecondDelivery sarl
Lausanne, Svizzera
Stage, Ingegneria, Inglese
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Descrizione del lavoro:

-Lausanne, Switzerland 
-starts in February 2019
-paid internship

***About the company***

We are a young startup that delivers food, snacks and other goods with autonomous drones. The company was founded in 2017 by a leading expert on drone legislation and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. 

We believe that autonomous delivery vehicles like self-driving cars and drones will have a huge impact on the way we buy things. 

People love to buy things online already, but if the delivery were free, and 10 times faster, people would like it even more. That’s why we are developing our autonomous delivery drones. 

In this internship you get to play an important part in a very promising startup. We would love it if the internship goes well and we can offer you a full time job at the end of it. 

***About the internship***

We are looking for an intern with mechanical and electrical engineering skills. You will be responsible for the design and the engineering of a homeport and the charging system of our drone. There will be a few homeports spread around the city where the drones can land and change their batteries. You will come up with concepts, designs and engineering solutions both on the drone and the homeport to optimize the charging procedure. I a second phase you will build, test and optimize the system. Furthermore, you will look at the manufacturing of the drone port and investigate how to connect the port to power and the network. In short, you are instrumental to the development of the system, both the electrical and mechanical part. Beside the tasks listed above, you’ll have the unique possibility to work on a variety of smaller tasks and projects that come with working at a dynamic startup.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert on everything mentioned before, it just means that you should be adaptable, highly motivated and a fast learner, so you can research these problems and find solutions relatively quickly. You will be working closely together with the founding team.

***Starting Date, Location & Compensation***

Your internship will start in February 2019, and it will end 6 or 12 months later. The exact start and end date can be negotiated. The internship takes place in our office in Lausanne, Switzerland. You will receive a compensation of CHF 1500.-- / month. 

***Apply now***

Please send your application package including your CV, a cover letter and any other relevant information.

Requisiti del candidato:

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with the following skills:

-Knowledgeable in power & electronics

-Proficient in CAD-Software such as Solidworks, CATIA

-Experience with embedded systems

-High Intelligence

-Enjoys hands-on work & tinkering

-Good understanding of classical mechanics

-Ability to learn things on their own

-Willingness to go the extra mile

***Additional pros***

-Experience in building model aircrafts / drones

-Soldering experience

-Programming skills in C/C++

Provenienza: Azienda
Pubblicato il: 07 Lug 2019
Tipo di impiego: Stage
Settore: Vendita al dettaglio
Inizio lavoro: 15 Set 2019
Durata di lavoro: 6 mesi
Compensation: 1300€/month
Lingue: Inglese (corrente)
Aree di studio: Qualsiasi formazione
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