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EuCham - European Chamber
Szabadsßg tÚr 7.1054 Budapest, Hungary
Organizzazione: ONG
Settore: Governo / Non-profit
Dipendenti: 1+
Fondata nel: 2011
Sito web aziendale
Informazione aziendale

EuCham is the non-governmental institution representing the business sector and its ethical side. It promotes the interest of national and international companies doing business in Europe, improving the business environment they're active in. 
With EuCham, companies have the opportunity to enhance the visibility and reputation of their business, respectively become more competitive through information, business support activities, networking and advocacy. 
As a respected think-tank, the European Chamber publishes researches aimed at highlighting the socio-economic environment  of the European countries, contributing to the development of a sustainable and ethical business society.

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