About iAgora
About iAgora

iAgora was founded in 1998 by Philippe, Sacha and a group of friends they met while studying or living in different countries. The mission has always been to make international experiences more easily accessible to more people.

iAgora helps students and recent graduates globalise their CV: we help them study abroad, work abroad, and learn languages. The result is that they have more career opportunities than those without international experience and, very importantly, have great fun along the way. At iAgora we feel good about the work we do.

To make our student mission possible, iAgora also serves universities, companies, and language schools:

  • We help universities give their students a global career advantage and to attract international students.
  • We help companies of all sizes and resources recruit the young multilingual employees they need.
  • We help language schools find students of foreign languages.

We serve all of them pretty well for free or, if they want, we serve them very well for a small price which is easily justified.


Every day, more and more young people from every corner of the world are seeking to study outside their native country. Here at iAgora we believe that this phenomenon is creating a category of persons whose language skills and ability to understand people across cultures make them valuable to increasingly global companies.

iAgora helps international students plan their study abroad and then as they make the transition into professional life. Our unique Studies section allows students to choose the university abroad that's right for them by centralising official university information, unbiased reviews about that university written by past international students, and by putting them directly in touch with students who have already studied there.

We also have a section dedicated to Language schools all over Europe and the world, where students and job seekers can improve their chances. Browse language schools and read reviews by other students who have studied there.

Work then allows these same students to use their distinct advantage over other job seekers - i.e. companies increasingly value study abroad experience- when they search for an internship or their first job (that's our niche).

iAgora naturally attracts international students through relevant services and content and then allows companies to easily recruit from this special candidate pool. The result is that companies find the international candidates they want and international students find the internships and entry-level jobs they desire.


The iAgora community is made up of real people, and real people occasionally make mistakes; this is true both for our own content and for any interactive parts of the site (reviews, etc).

The information provided on this website is intended to help iAgora users in their lives abroad, and we try our best to publish accurate and reliable information. However, iAgora makes no guarantees as to the accuracy and reliability of any information, opinion, or advice found on the site, whether provided by iAgora, its affiliates, or third parties. Much of what users will find at iAgora are opinions and judgements and, as with any such subjective claims, these should be taken as such and not as facts.

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