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138 Spanish language schools in 60 cities
1. Linguaschools - Barcelona, Spain
 I've attended one week course of Spanish A1 at Linguaschools this summer 2016. Although I had really less time then others to feel the atmosphere I... 
by Ksenia, Ukraine
36 reviews
2. AIL Madrid - Spain - 30 reviews
3. AIP Idiomas - Valencia, Spain - 26 reviews
4. Camino Barcelona - Spain - 26 reviews
5. Don Quijote Barcelona - Spain - 10 reviews
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288 English language schools in 145 cities
1. ETC International College - Bournemouth, UK
 Dear friends, this this is the 3d time i am chosing ETC International College. I ll just try to explain why. First of all - the greatest location... 
by Kate, Kazakhstan
26 reviews
2. London Meridian College - UK - 8 reviews
3. Delfin School - Dublin, Ireland - 6 reviews
4. The English Studio - London, UK - 6 reviews
5. EC Boston - USA - 5 reviews
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36 Chinese language schools in 18 cities
1. LTL Mandarin School - Beijing, China
 Hello all, First of all, I am currently reading a degree in Chinese at Oxford University. So it's been a while that I attended LTL, but in many... 
by Maria,
25 reviews
2. Go Abroad China - Beijing, China - 6 reviews
3. LTL Mandarin School of Shanghai - China - 6 reviews
4. Mandarin House - Shanghai - China - 4 reviews
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77 French language schools in 46 cities
 My company sent me out to Paris to build my French as we are now working with some French clients. I stayed at a nice hotel in Montmartre which th... 
by Andrew, United Kingdom
3 reviews
2. LSF Montpellier - France - 2 reviews
5. ULB cours de langues - Brussels, Belgium - 2 reviews
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73 German language schools in 50 cities
1. SPRACHKONTAKTE - Hamburg, Germany
 I attended a four-week course in SprachKontakte and I definitely can recommend it to others! I enjoyed the classes, there was always something to... 
by Monika,
3 reviews
2. Die neue Schule - Berlin, Germany - 3 reviews
3. Inlingua Sprachschule Muenchen - Munich, Germany - 3 reviews
4. Volksuniversiteit Rotterdam - Netherlands - 2 reviews
5. Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart - Germany - 2 reviews
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47 Italian language schools in 37 cities
1. Associazione Linguamadre - Genova, Italy
 Ich habe hier 2 tolle Wochen im April 2011 verbracht, in denen ich nicht nur meine Italienischkenntnisse verbessern konnte, sondern auch auf kultur... 
by anna, Denmark
3 reviews
2. ISIS ROSMINI - Naples, Italy - 3 reviews
4. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Milan, Italy - 2 reviews
5. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Siena - Italy - 1 review
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