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Interview Tips

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During the Interview: Be Confident!

•  Be punctual: The first step in making a good impression is to arrive at the interview on time. Remember that the interview begins as soon as you enter the company´s doors. Be polite to the receptionist and make a good impression--many executives consider the opinion of their executive assistant to be an important part of the hiring process.

•  The introduction: Decide in advance whether you will offer your hand if the employer does not extend his or hers. The interviewer may begin with "small talk" about the weather, for example, in an effort to make you comfortable. During this time, you may also want to present the employer with an updated resume, or an extra copy of your resume even if you have not made changes.

•  Body Language: Remember that the right body language will also help you make a great impression. Makeeye contact, maintain good posture, avoid distracting mannerisms, and remember not to talk too fast. Be aware that these are general suggestions that may not apply in some cultures.

•  Questions and Answers: Be prepared for the interviewer to ask you many thought-provoking questions. Think about why the interviewer is asking a particular question and what answer they are looking for. Every employer will have some concerns about your suitability for the position. What answer can you give to best alleviate those concerns?

Twenty Sample Questions:

1. Do you have any international travel, study, or work experience? If so, please explain.
2. What is your major strength?
3. What is a major weakness you have and how have you tried to correct it?
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
5. Discuss a research project with which you have been involved.
6. How did you get interested in this career?
7. Why would you be successful in this job?
8. Give me an example of when you have perfomed well in a team environment?
9. What extracurricular or community activities were you involved in?
10. What have you learned from your past work experiences?
11. Why are you interested in this job?
12. Are you applying for positions with other companies? If so, which ones?
13. Tell me about an accomplishment of which you are proud.
14. What do you know about our organization?
15. Do you work well under pressure?
16. Why should we hire you?
17. Do you mind traveling as part of this job?
18. Do you mind working overtime?
19. Do you have any questions about this position?
20. What are your geographic limitations?

Remember to ask the employer intelligent questions about the job, the company, and the corporate culture.

For Example:
1. What are the typical daily activities associated with this job?
2. Does the company plan to expand?
3. How does the organization rank within its field?
4. What are the greatest strengths of this company?
5. When do you expect to make a decision?

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