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Deep Learning Researcher, NLP

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IT/Technology, English

Job Description:

(COMPANY NAME) is a remote-first AI company building powerful deep learning models for developers, startups, and enterprises to transcribe and understand their audio data.

Our ASR models already outperform companies like Google, AWS, and Microsoft - which is why hundreds of companies and thousands of developers are using our APIs to transcribe and understand millions of videos, podcasts, phone calls, and zoom meetings every day. Our APIs power innovative products like conversational intelligence platforms, zoom meeting summarizers, content moderation, and automatic closed captioning.

(COMPANY NAME)'s Speech-to-Text APIs are already trusted by Fortune 500s, startups, and thousands of developers around the world, with well-known customers including Spotify, Algolia, Dow Jones, Happy Scribe, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and NBCUniversal. As part of a huge and emerging market, (COMPANY NAME) is well on its way to becoming the leader in speech recognition and NLP.

We're growing at breakneck speed, and recently announced our Series B round. We've raised $63M in total funding, and are backed by leading investors including Insight Partners, Accel, Y Combinator, Patrick and John Collision (Founders of Stripe), Nat Friedman (Former CEO of GitHub), and Daniel Gross (Entrepreneur & Investor in companies including GitHub, Uber & SpaceX)!

Our ambition is to build an iconic AI company, making advanced deep learning technology accessible to everyday developers through a simple API, good docs, and a great developer experience.

Join our world-class, remote team and help us build an iconic deep learning company!

The Role

(COMPANY NAME) is growing quickly, and we're searching for a Research engineer specializing in NLP Modeling to join our NLP team. With significant investment and strong leadership to fuel our growth, it's the perfect time to join the (COMPANY NAME) team!

In this role you'll have the opportunity to:

* Replicate state-of-the-art Deep Learning models based on conference/journal publications

* Drive best practices for the team in terms of model optimization and maximizing accelerator utilization

* Stay up to date on model innovations related to Natural Language Understanding such as Transformer variants (sparse, linear, LSH attention) and new architectures (S4)

* Act as a bridge between research and engineering to ensure our models perform well in a production environment


* 3+ years of non-internship professional software development experience in developing and debugging C/C++ or Python

* 2+ years of experience coding neural network models using primitives (matmul, einsum, relu, softmax, etc.) offered by modern Deep Learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Jax, or TensorFlow

* Experience with Google JAX

* Experience with Reinforcement Learning

* Experience with Natural Language Processing

* Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices

* Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

* BSc or MSc Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or other technical field

Preferred Qualifications

* 2+ years of experience in optimization engineering related to machine learning or computational science

* Solid knowledge of data structures and algorithms

Our Team

Our team is made up of problem solvers, innovators and top AI researchers with over 20+ years of experience in Machine Learning, NLP, and Speech Recognition from companies like DeepMind, Google Brain, Meta, Apple and Amazon. They conduct cutting edge deep learning research and develop novel algorithms & techniques to continually push the state of the art in speech recognition & NLP!

Our team is fully remote, and our culture is super collaborative, low-ego, transparent, and fast-paced. We want to win - and have a flat organization where everyone can openly share ideas (regardless of their title or position) in order to get the best idea.

As a remote company, our team members are given a lot of trust and autonomy to work where and how they want. We look for people to join our team who are ambitious, curious, and self-motivated, and we put a lot of trust and autonomy into everyone on our team. We want to empower everyone to do their best work with whatever tools, structures, or resources they need to perform at their highest potential.

Benefits (US)

* Competitive Salary + Bonus

* Equity

* 401k

* 100% Remote team

* Unlimited PTO

* Premium Healthcare (100% Covered for you + dependents)

* Vision & Dental Care

* $1K budget for your home office setup

* New Macbook Pro (or PC if you prefer)

* 2x/year company paid team retreat

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Posted on: 23 Sep 2022
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