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San Francisco, CA, United States
Organisation: Entreprise
Secteur: TIC / Informatique
Employés: 1000+
Fondée en: 2013
Site corporatif
Informations entreprise

Databricks is a leading company in the field of unified analytics and AI, founded in 2013. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, Databricks provides a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to process and analyze large-scale datasets, harness the power of big data, and leverage machine learning to gain valuable insights.

Databricks' platform combines data engineering, data science, and collaboration capabilities, allowing data teams to collaborate seamlessly and accelerate their analytics workflows. The company has experienced significant growth, having raised over $3.5B, and has attracted a diverse range of clients across industries.

Databricks boasted a dedicated and talented workforce, with over 5,000 employees contributing to its success.

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