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The careers platform for educational institutions
With iAgora Careers any school, college or vocational center can have its own careers platform. A modern interface full of job opportunities, including international internships.

It is also a great tool for student recruitment.
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A personalized job board for your students
Students get training in order to change jobs, to get a promotion or to improve their professional options.

There are plenty of free jobsites, so students expect centers to give them a personalized service that filters the offers.

Each student creates a profile and receives personalized recommendations in an automated way.
Modern and easy to use
In just a few days your school can have its own branded careers site with thousands of offers.

If it so desires, the school can personalise further the service by publishing its own adverts, or allowing its partner recruiters to publish them directly.

Our advanced matching technology and notifications do all the work
Get positive reviews and good search engine placement
Together with the careers platform the school receives it own school profile on iAgora.com and it can start receiving student reviews (if it wishes so).

Helping students boosts satisfaction and motivates students to write positive reviews.

iAgora.com has close to 100.000 student reviews and great SERPs on Google.
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All kinds of academic institutions use our service
MasterD Capacita Formacion The American Business School of Paris Veigler Formacion Campus Training YaEstudio Homines Novi UniversitÓ Degli Studi Di Roma - Tor Vergata ENEB IMQ IbÚrica Business School
And many other things
International offers
The only service with offers in over 100 countries and which can be filtered by language.
Publish offers
The school can publish its own offers. Only its students will be able to apply to them.
Offers by recruiters
Recruiters can publish their offers directly on the school job board.
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