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Don Quijote Madrid reviews

The don Quijote Spanish school facilities are housed in the lower 3 floors of a historic building and are spread throughout 1,800 square meters. The building was renovated to provide the most modern amenities but still retains the charm of its typical Madrileño architecture. Thirty-eight classrooms fill 1,300 square meters of the school building. The school also offers 500 square meters of common areas, including a comfortable seating area to relax between classes or to chat with friends while enjoying a drink or snack from the school's many vending machines. A state-of-the-art computer room offers you easy and free internet access at any of our 20 computer stations, or you can simply log onto the school's free Wi-Fi network if you have your own laptop.

A fully-equipped academic center housed in a vintage building, don Quijote Madrid combines all the facilities of a modern school with the grace and charm of its historic architecture. In short, you will enjoy a school that is not only functional, but also a comfortable and beautiful place to learn Spanish in Madrid.
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Languages taught: Spanish
Phone: +34 923277200
Address: Duque de Liria 6, 28015 Madrid, Spain