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Miracle Mandarin reviews

Our goal here at Miracle Mandarin is focused around the needs of our students. We offer a wide range of different programs depending on what the student is trying to accomplish. Our courses range from being entirely comprehensive, covering all aspects of the language, to being specific to only a certain portion of the language. For example, we offer a business Chinese course, conversational Chinese course, reading/character recognition course and a HSK preparation course to name a few. We have classes beginning every month. All of our classes vary in size and time frame depending on what you are looking for. In our intensive courses you will be studying for 4 or 6 hours 5 days a week. We also offer part time classes for those who work or have other activities throughout the day. With all of our courses you have the option to choose the size of your class: standard group(9-14), small group(3-8), private lessons or group+private lessons.
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Languages taught: Chinese, English
Phone: +86-21-6247-6388
Address: 21F, 319 Changde Road, Jing An District, Shanghai, China
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Course: 6 weeks, 20 hours/week, private flat, October 2014
I have taken roughly 120 hours of Chinese classes at Miracle Mandarin and I have found the school to be excellent overall. The teachers and staff are friendly, knowledgable and helpful, and, while everyone clearly takes teaching Chinese seriously, the school has a relaxed and welcoming feel. The teachers do an excellent job of presenting the material and, despite having what is clearly a tightly scheduled curriculum, allow time for everyone in the class to understand the material.
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My progress
The teachers, the support staff, and the overall feel of the school.
For a program that is not inexpensive, the computers and some of the other equipment used in the classes are somewhat antiquated, which can occasionally disrupt either the start or the flow of class.