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CV Types

There are two different types of CVs:

Chronological (see model)

  • This type of CV is good if your professional career has been very stable, without long pauses (no matter if you have a lot or very little professional experience).
  • If you don't have a lot of professional experience it's better to use this kind of CV (highlighting your academic studies first and then your professional career). Then, follow the general same structure: (recommended) Languages, Publications, Computer knowledge, etc...
  • An anti-chronological resume lists your experiences beginning with the most recent and ending with the oldest one. For each of your employment experiences, include:
    • the time period during which you held the position
    • the name of the company and the city where the job was based (Paris, Marseille, New York). You can mention the turnover of the company if it is relevant to the position you are seeking.
    • the title of the position you held
    • your achievements and the number of people you were responsible for (if applicable).


  • This type of CV is for people whose job situation has been unstable. In this style, blank periods can go unnoticed.
  • When applying for a particular position, the functional CV is good because it concentrates on the company's needs. The person reading it is easily able to find your specific abilities.
  • Since it doesn't follow a chronological order, you can point out your strengths.
  • On the quot;Work Experience" section, your job experience should be grouped in blocks with titles (associated with dates). You can put together all the jobs that are similar or interesting enough in relation to the position you are applying for. For example, if you were a journalist both on television and on the radio, you might break up your experience this way:

    - Television Experience:
    • Position. Company. Dates. Duties.
    • Position. Company. Dates. Duties.

    - Radio Experience:
    • Position. Company. Dates. Duties.
    • Position. Company. Dates. Duties.
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