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#1 in Internship Offers

With 43.664 internship offers currently available, we are the most comprehensive platform.

We have 42.829 internships abroad, 835 internships in the UK, 450 internships in B-Corps, or 3.921 internships in the luxury industry.

We are just getting started, our mission is to gather all internships on the planet.

#1 in Speed

Get results in a few seconds that might take an hour of searching, or more.

Instant results with just one word: company, country, city, sector, function or company lists like B-Corps or Unicorns.

Unique search filters, such as 'internships for French-speakers abroad' or 'internships for English speakers in the UK'

#1 in Student Opinions

Rich with 131.204 student reviews and over 10,000 internship reviews, iAgora helps universities to be visible on Google to international students.

When the University offers the job board for internships abroad to its students, they write positive reviews, which enhance the institution's presence on iAgora.com and on the internet in general.

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