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%u2022Our school is accredited by the Cervantes Institute

%u2022We offer a vast range of courses, levels and timetables.
%u2022All our teachers are highly qualified in teaching foreign languages: they all possess both a specific education and have a lot of teaching experience.

Escuela Mediterraneo has been offering language courses since 1996.
%u2022The school is located in the centre of Barcelona, next to the Ramblas and near to the Boquería market and 5 minutes walk from the sea.

%u2022The school offers a multicultural environment

%u2022We offer a vast range of accommodation types.
%u2022We regularly check the quality of our courses.
%u2022We organize events in order for you to meet other students from the school.
%u2022We always do our best to provide you with what you need.
%u2022We offer a comfortable environment ideal for learning.
%u2022Our methodology enables you to communicate in any situation of your daily life.
%u2022Air conditioning and heating are provided.
%u2022Computers for students and wireless zone are provided.
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Languages taught: Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian
Phone: 93 318 70 70
Address: Santa Monica 2, 08001 Barcelona, Spain