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San Francisco, United States
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Unterhaltungselektronik
Mitarbeiter: 10000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1969

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a semiconductor company that designs and develops graphics, processors, and media solutions for both commercial and consumer markets. The company’s products portfolio includes desktop graphics, laptop graphics, professional graphics, desktop processors, laptop and tablet processors, server processors, embedded processors, chipsets, and solid state drives (SSD). Its solutions portfolio includes APU-based systems for tablets, laptops, and desktops; cloud, virtualization, and HPC server solutions; professional graphics solutions; embedded solutions; software solutions; and pro solutions.

AMD focuses on innovations related to gaming technologies, surround computing, Pro graphics technologies, enhanced media, business technologies, server technologies, embedded technologies, security technologies, and mobility technologies.

AMD Opteron, SeaMicro Freedom, AMD Athlon, AMD Sempron, AMD Turion, AMD Phenom, AMD FX APU, AMD Geode, AMD R-Series, G-Series, AMD Radeon, and AMD FirePro are some of the brands offered by AMD. The company provides x86 microprocessors for desktop PCs under the AMD A-Series, AMD E-Series, AMD FX CPU, AMD Athlon CPU and APU, and AMD Sempron APU and CPU brands.

AMD was founded in 1969 by Jerry Sanders and is based in California, United States with presence in Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, and more.

Praktika und Jobs bei AMD
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AMD | Shanghai | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“AMD together we advance_ LOCATION: Shanghai ONSITE: This role requires the student to work from the LOCATIO...
AMD | Penang | Praktikum, Design, Englisch
“You are a team player who has excellent communication skills, responsible and willing to pick new skills. ...
AMD | Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Englisch
“PROGRAM TERM: Fall: August 19th, 2024, to December 13th, 2024. ...
AMD | Austin | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“AMD together we advance_ Fall 2024 Graduate Data Analyst Engineering Co-Op/Intern ...
AMD | Austin | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Englisch
“AMD together we advance_ Fall 2024 Undergrad Data Analyst Engineering Co-Op/Intern ...
AMD | Penang | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Develop and execute feature enablement and validation test plans for SoC- and system-...
AMD | Austin | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“We strive for execution excellence while being direct, humble, collaborative, and inclusive of diverse perspec...
AMD | Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“LOCATION: San Jose, Santa Clara. ONSITE/HYBRID: These roles require the student to work full time (40 hours a...
1 – 8 von 36
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