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Blai 3008004 Barcelona, Spain
Organisation: Business
Main Industry: Luxury Goods
Employees: 1+
Year Founded: 2014
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LE PURE is a new philosophy for skincare. Our holistic approach takes into consideration all factors that contribute to healthy and beautiful skin. We combine the purest products with optimal nutrition and a mindful attitude when touching your skin. LE PURE challenges the status quo of today’s beauty industry and wants consumers to understand what is in their cosmetic products and be able to decide what they put on their skin.

Labeling ingredients as natural and organic is not enough for us. We only use natural substances that our body recognizes and is able to integrate. In order to preserve the full power of each ingredient, we use them in their pure and unrefined state. This way we avoid using chemical agents that are used in many refinement processes. Our products were created to minimize the effects of the multiple chemical pollution that our bodies are exposed to today. This also means that our production processes does not pollute the environment.


LE PURE was founded by Julia Atzesberger and is based on the lifework of Marie Carrasquedo.

Marie is a renowned expert in biological skincare, a formulation scientist and an international lecturer. She was raised in Paris and has studied and worked in a variety of countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Colombia. Her fields of expertise include phyto-cosmetology, osteopathy, biology, natural medicine, homotoxicology, homeopathy, aromatherapy. She has also studied traditional medicine and holistic disciplines such as Yoga, Kazugen and Feldenkrais. Integrating principles of these different fields has enabled Marie to create a new philosophy of healthy and effective skincare. The result is a unique combination of ingredients, formulas and application rituals.

Julia was born in Vienna and has lived and worked in Austria, the U.S. and Spain. Her know-how in digital marketing and video allows her to bring LE PURE’s philosophy to a worldwide audience and to lift the mystery and lack of know-how that surrounds today’s cosmetic products. She has made it her mission to digitalize Marie’s know-how and to enable consumers to understand what they are putting on their skin. LE PURE also provides a series of independent advice on health and nutrition that is essential to beautiful and healthy skin.

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