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Lyon, France
Organización: Empresa
Sector: Alimentos / Bebidas / Tabaco
Empleados: 100+
Fundada en: 2010
Web corporativa
Información corporativa

Long description: Ecotone is a French agroecology and biodiversity company that was founded in 2010. The company is headquartered in Lyon and provides a range of services related to the restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems, with a focus on agroecology and biodiversity. Ecotone works with a variety of clients, including farmers, landowners, and public institutions, to help them implement sustainable farming practices and restore natural habitats.

As of 2023, Ecotone has over 1.600 employees and has completed projects across France and in several other countries. The company has a strong commitment to research and innovation and works closely with academic institutions and research organizations to develop cutting-edge solutions for environmental challenges.

In recent years, Ecotone has seen steady financial growth and has received several awards and recognitions for its work in the agroecology and biodiversity sector. The company was awarded the "Innovation Prize" at the 2019 Biodiversity and Business Awards, recognizing its innovative approach to restoring natural habitats.

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