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Paris, France
Organización: Empresa
Sector: Agricultura / Forestal / Medio ambiente
Empleados: 100+
Fundada en: 2008
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PUR Projet is a social business that assists companies in the integration of social and environmental innovations into the heart of their business and corporate activities. To do this, PUR Projet helps these businesses to regenerate, revitalize and preserve the ecosystems upon which they depend. This approach is called "Insetting." PUR Projet designs integrated Insetting programs and projects that incorporate social, economic and environmental compliance and innovation into all types of supply chains, from the farm to final consumer. The objective is to reduce risks and encourage well-managed supply chains. They then work on additional initiatives to strengthen the communities within which we work. Trees and agroforestry are at the heart of PUR Projet activities, as they provide unrivalled ecosystem service benefits. By planting and protecting as many trees as possible, PUR Projet aims to maximize benefits for all stakeholders. By providing the capacity to measure and value the associated ecosystem benefits, PUR is able to prove that trees are the best investment one can make to regenerate our ecosystems and support sustainable livelihood strategies for local communities.

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Pur | La Rochelle | Consultoría, Francés
“PUR est une entreprise B Corp qui emploie plus de 180 personnes et est présente dans 10 pays. ...
Pur | Pasto | Agricultura, Inglés, Español
“PUR is a B Corp Company which employs over 160 people and a presence in 10 countries. ...
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