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Paris, France
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: Agroalimentaria
Dipendenti: 10+
Fondata nel: 2016
Sito web aziendale
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Innovafeed is a French biotech company that specializes in producing insect protein for animal feed and pet food. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Innovafeed currently employs approximately 100 people and operates two production sites in France. In 2021, the company raised €140 million in a funding round led by Temasek, a Singaporean investment company, and reported plans to expand its production capacity.

Stage e lavori presso Innovafeed
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Innovafeed | Parigi | Stage, Edilizia, Francese
“La réussite de notre projet repose sur une équipe dynamique et talentueuse partageant les mêmes valeurs et ani...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Stage, Informatica, Francese, Inglese
“- Développer des outils de déploiement, de gestion de configuration et d'automatisation pour ce type d'applica...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Stage, Edilizia, Francese
“🌱 En septembre 2022, Innovafeed a levé 250 millions de dollars US en série D, portant le financement ...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Stage, Affari legali, Francese
“Afin de soutenir notre croissance forte, nous recherchons des femmes et des hommes de talents ayant une envie ...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Stage, Ingegneria, Francese
“En septembre 2022, Innovafeed a levé 250 millions de dollars US en série D, portant le financement total cumul...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Marketing, Inglese
“We launched our second production site in Nesle (Somme) at the end of 2020: and it is 20x times larger than Go...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Ingegneria, Inglese
“To meet this challenge in the most eco-friendly way possible, we have set up a system of industrial symbiosis ...
Innovafeed | Parigi | Edilizia, Francese
“Vous avez envie de vous investir dans la construction d'un système alimentaire plus naturel et plus durable ? ...
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