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San Francisco, California, United States
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: ICT / Informatica
Dipendenti: 100+
Fondata nel: 2012
Sito web aziendale
Informazione aziendale

Ripple, founded in 2012, is a prominent fintech company that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize cross-border payments. With its headquarters based in San Francisco, California, Ripple offers solutions for financial institutions and businesses seeking to enhance the speed, security, and cost-efficiency of global money transfers. Ripple has over 500 dedicated employees.

Ripple's innovative blockchain platform, known as XRP Ledger, has gained substantial attention in the financial industry. The company has raised $293.91M over 13 rounds.

Stage e lavori presso Ripple
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Ripple | San Francisco | Stage, Ingegneria, Inglese
“* Experience in building ETL/ELT data pipelines. Real time pipelines are a huge plus. ...
Ripple | Toronto | Stage, Management, Inglese
“* Work in close collaboration with the business development, legal, and corporate strategy teams to drive valu...
Ripple | Toronto | Stage, Management, Inglese
“What You'll Do * Build and execute on a vision for financial use cases of the XRP Ledger that serve our core ...
Ripple | Londra | Stage, Finanza, Inglese
“Interviews will test market knowledge of traditional concepts as well as crypto concepts, there may also be a ...
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